Twitter Bombed. Anyone Buying?


I am a Twitter addict. I probably use it far more than anyone on this forum. But its ads are really weak-ass. I often see the same, stale ad being shown day after day. If Trump disappeared after 2020 Twitter will be in even worse trouble.


Maybe they should just sell it to Zuck and forget about it.

Wow. I’m sure 2020 will be another banner year for political ad spending. This is a bombshell.

Jack specifically timed the announcement right before FB earnings call. Dick move.



Twitter is just a voice in a chorus now. There’s Signal, Telegram, Parlour, etc. And folk sick of Facebook are migrating to MeWe. Personally I hate the Facebook/MeWe format. The old school organization of this forum is much better.

Twitter is facing an exodus of hundreds of workers since Elon Musk pitched them on his vision for the company three months ago

Elon Musk destroys TWTR with clandestine help from Jack Dorsey. J hates the company he has founded, why?


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Jack Dorsey rolls his stake into Elon Musk-owned Twitter

Jack Dorsey has rolled his entire stake of Twitter shares, worth nearly $1bn at the buyout price of $54.20, into the privately held company he founded, which is now controlled by Elon Musk.

Regulatory filings show Dorsey, who was Twitter’s chief executive until late last year, rolled over some 18mn shares into the private company, making him one of its biggest shareholders.

The news comes as Musk has moved swiftly to stamp his mark on the platform, firing top executives including Dorsey’s successor, Parag Agrawal, planning for broader lay-offs and ordering a revamp of the verification process.

A filing on Monday confirmed that Musk, who has changed his public profile to read “Chief Twit”, is Twitter’s current chief executive. It is unclear whether he will select someone to take up the role in his stead but he is being supported by a group of loyal lieutenants including venture capitalist David Sacks and his personal lawyer Alex Spiro as he assesses Twitter’s business.

Musk and Dorsey long have admired each other in a “bromance” that played a significant role in shaping the Tesla chief executive’s bid to buy the company.

In private messages, revealed in court filings, Dorsey encouraged Musk to buy the platform, writing that it should have always been an “open source protocol, funded by a foundation” rather than a company. “That was the original sin,” he said.

Dorsey also said he had previously tried to bring Musk on to the board of Twitter, but the directors had refused because they were too “risk averse”, referring to them as “terrible”.

In public, upon the board agreeing to the takeover, Dorsey tweeted: “Elon is the singular solution I trust. I trust his mission to extend the light of consciousness.” Dorsey left the Twitter board in May just weeks after the company announced the sale to Musk for $44bn.

According to the filing, Dorsey and Musk “may be deemed to have formed a group” for the purposes of part of the filing, a designation that indicates the pair were working together on the buyout.

Dorsey, however, “disclaim[ed] the existence of any such group and also disclaims beneficial ownership over any shares of common stock beneficially owned by [Musk],” according to the filing.

As feared Musk is going to use Twitter to express wacko conspiracy theories

The conspiracy theory — that suspect David DePape was a sex worker hired by Paul Pelosi — has been elevated over the weekend by a handful of prominent figures, including new Twitter owner Elon Musk. In a reply to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Musk shared a link to an article from a fringe website pushing the unfounded theory. The website Musk linked to had previously claimed that Hillary Clinton died and was replaced with a body double, the Associated Press reported.

Now it’s causing Tesla employees to shift their focus from FSD and go fix Twitter.

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This “conspiracy theory” is now confirmed fact. Additionally, Depape, a mentally ill nudist and illegal alien, lived in a bus in Berkeley with BLM and Pride flags on it.
Tucker Carlson has a 9 minute summary of the whole sordid affair if you look for it.