Twitter Bombed. Anyone Buying?


Ha ha funny. Go ahead and keep making fun of lawmakers and regulators. I am sure they can’t do anything with Elon and his many businesses right?

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Yeah, nothing like checking your work and personal email to find out which email you received. WTF.

Doesn’t look like Elon is having fun.

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He knew what was going to happen. But at least he agreed he let the company grow too fast.

50% is a lot. If it still functions after, it shows how bloated the HC was. I wonder if others will follow.

Seems like a mess

Need to pay for freedom of speech :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

I thought you made fun of AOC saying the same?!


Talking to me? I didn’t. I merely posted an interesting tweet exchange. Thought EM’s response is funny.

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I love when people distort stuff.

  1. I bet these same people complaining think it’s fine to fire employees who exercise free speech.
  2. They can already say whatever without paying.
  3. It would VERIFY who they are. They should want that, so someone else can’t claim to be them.


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All those pipeline workers fired within 48 hours of Biden taking office were just old to go find new jobs.

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Is he done selling yet?

No more WFH, and the whole ship may go under? It’s only been two weeks.