Twitter Bombed. Anyone Buying?

Simply, anything can happen! It depends on future situation (it is same for us when we get margin or borrowed money)

He sold the stocks when it was $1200 as he knew highest of the season. He borrowed 13B with shares collateral thinking TSLA will come back soon.

He may either sell 1B/shares per year or he may even sell 13B shares outright or collateral values goes down, banks may sell the shares of Elon is not giving additional collateral.

My friend bought Cupertino homes in 2001 with shares collateral, but stock went down from $120 to $2, bank sold his stocks when it was appx $50 while he was holding those shares until $2.

Later he was happy that bank sold it at $50!

He bought it for $800 and now it is 3.5M, happy living there after 20 years. That is the beauty of bay area real estate.


So good deal. 3.5m/800 = 4375% :+1:

Joke aside, 7.6% CAGR, within historical 6-8% :grinning: since post war. Wondering whether WFH is a structural development that could break this 6-8% pa appreciation.

Those who bought in Cupertino, Sunnyvale and mountain view are cash rich people, multi-millions through stock options. The value stays, but appreciation percentage may be reduced to inflation+some location markup (2%-5%) normally. On any case, real estate assets can protect from inflation.

My old realtor says that we can expect home value doubles in 10 years, but here it is doubled in 7 years.

However, you note that he bought it at its peak valuation price (Like Aug 2021) as entire economy went down after that. He could not refinance for some time as the home value dropped.

The good thing was he took 10-year ARM at some low rate, and he was paying $2200 as PITI at that time which was almost the rent parity during that period.

Now, he is paying 2.25% for 30 years, not interested in paying off the loan! He was telling one time, had he sold all his stock options and paid tax, he would have got the home free with balance cash.

You are the luckiest to hold strong company AAPL !


Sounds like a joke:

Q: “What kind of players are left at Twitter?”
A: “The ones on the right”

So hardcore. Treating vulnerable people like used toilet paper.


I talked to a liberal vegan environmentalist Santa Cruz graduate gen y today about Tesla. She won’t buy a Tesla because she thinks Musk is a fascist. I wonder if he will loose his core customers with his Tweets. He needs his loyal koolaid drinking environmentalists to buy his products. But is actually a red blooded meat eating Trumper.

Another H1B fired at Twitter.

Elon, go to hell.

A cousin with similar leanings dumped her Tesla stock at about 800 or so when news of Musk’s crypto bets came out. Her reason - crytpo mining has a horrible carbon footprint.

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Suddenly I see a huge uptick of negative comments from ppl on EM. Before I used to see huge no of ppl supporting him on social media. Not data based but just observation. I may be wrong.

When people are benefit by a person, they support.
When they are losing the benefit by the person action, they oppose.

Previously, whateven EM is doing, the young people supported. Lot of haters from lay off or affected parties. Second issue, lot of people holding TSLA and seeing it is flying skyhigh, they liked EM as his stock was flying. But, now it is going down.

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Twitter has cost Elon $100b in lost wealth.

He actually gained a lot. He moved book profit into real profit (cash mode).

Since he was selling (demand vs supply), no one is able to equate his level, stock went down. He moved from stock to cash mode.

Even now, he can (may) simply sell TSLA stock to pay off TWTR take over. At some point of time, he will sell it or he will do it periodically (this is guess, but he has that much wealth to dispose the stocks).

Only those who are holding, they lost book profit.

They are not software support.


Elon and Tim friends again.

George Carlin - ‘it’s a big club you ain’t in it’


They want more people like @manch :face_with_peeking_eye:

OMG, I do know one of the guys beside Elon - Old co-worker.

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Was he on work visa when you knew him?

I am not sure. He might have been.

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