Uber is doomed





Ahhh……….I found it!

Shall we start naming people putting down Uber? :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:






32% qtr/qtr increase in losses? Wow… Meanwhile revenue was only up 5% qtr/qtr. Expenses are growing a lot faster than revenue.


I think they desperately want to IPO. Question how to “sell” the IPO… :slight_smile:


Waymo timed their announcement very strategically. They are trying to prevent Uber from raising lot of money so that it will have limited resources to fight them. Also, it won’t be attractive to top talent.


Uber could always go to SoftBank for more money. They love high valuation.



More hate for Uber…



They will do like GM did, taking $ billions from tax cuts and then run while laying off people.




Ride-Hailing Startup Lyft Files Confidentially for U.S. IPO




Just looked at Mint and I spent $200 avg a month on Uber the last few months and I don’t even live in SF. That involved some trips to the airport (because now most of the time the math makes sense to just uber to/from airport vs pay for parking). This also includes Uber Eats which I use a couple times a month.

It’s also been a life saver in Europe and Asia when I didn’t want to get swindled by cab drivers who didn’t speak English or take me on the wrong route for more fare.


Just Uber or Lyft also?


I agree. I use Uber all the time when I’m traveling. I used it in Tanzania and it worked great.