Uber is doomed


Your work took you to Tanzania? How exotic… :smile:


Always Uber unless it looks more expensive than normal then I will check Lyft and use that only if cheaper.


Why is that? Some difference in their services?


I used to find Lyft drivers more annoying - want to be your friend / chat with your more - that’s not really the case anymore as most drivers drive for both but early on that was their reputation.


Plus I have Platinum Amex now so I get monthly credit and VIP (highly rated) drivers by default


For business travel, uber/lyft and apple pay have allowed me to go completely cashless to the EU and Taiwan and Mexico City - no need to change currency.

Drawback to uber/lyft - studies show that locally, they pull middle and upper-middle incone people off of public transport and onto the roads, thereby stressing the current infrastructure. U/L in its current manifestation is increasing the number of vehicle miles driven, not reducing.

Backlash will increase.


Taiwanese :grinning:

Didn’t realize this. Good point.


Backlash may increase a little bit but won’t be that much. Reason is a lot of people are driving for Uber and lyft, for side income if not their whole job. So to punish Uber is to punish lower income folks. Never a good look for pols.

This is in contrast to Airbnb which only rich home owners benefit.

Pushback against Airbnb will be much more severe.


I’m an American. But, if you are guessing about my ethnic extraction, it is Vulcan. :satellite:


You never take Uber or Lyft? Even while on vacation?


ugh I also love Airbnb, if that goes away I will be sad. Been using it all over Europe, Asia, US since 2013.


The uber/lyft tax, which levies a 3+% tax on uber/lyft rides in SF, starts in 2020 and penalizes the users of these services for the added stresses that U/L places on the current infrastructure. It is possible that backlash causes municipalities to increase this tax over time.


I used Uber only once, and it’s a very short trip. I love it.

My wife loves Airbnb. We used it a few times over the years.

Both services are great! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Huge backlash against Aibnb . Banned in Carmel, Pacific grove, Sonoma County, South Lake Tahoe. Even SF has severe restrictions.


Really? I like those drivers more because it feels like they are more serious about their jobs.

Number of times I used the following since inception:

Uber: 2
Lyft: 1
Airbnb: 0


Where do you see it’s banned? I just booked a place in Sonoma next month and am looking at places in Tahoe as well as Carmel.


Rooms are not banned. VHRs are restricted in Sonoma County. Banned in Pacific Grove and SLT in last election. Ban is phased in. Still allowed in some areas. County areas and Nevada are still unrestricted in Tahoe. But locals everywhere are pissed of about tourists in general.


If they take away home rentals in South Lake Tahoe, people won’t go up there as much for skiing, there’s no way I’m staying in hotel in that area - guess time to change to North Lake for location, but looks like it doesn’t go into effect until 2020.


The locals are nuts. It is traffic and noise that made them crazy. Just like in Barcelona. We have these bumperstickers too.

“Why call it tourist season if we can’t shoot them?”

But the ban really doesn’t take into effect until the end of 2021. There will be lawsuits and another referendum by then.
Still also rooms will available on Airbnb and houses owned by locals can rented 30 days a year. Plus 400 homes in tourist corridor. Nevada, Meyers, Montgomery estates and other areas outside the city are unaffected.


The whole experience of going up to Tahoe for the weekend is to hang out in house with friends, go skiing, and visit casinos. I’m not driving from Myers to the casinos - being in town you can take an uber and not worry about drinking / getting home. Maybe that works for some but def not the majority.