Uber is doomed


I also find it hard to believe most locals in Tahoe’s livelihood isn’t dependent on the tourists. It’s not like people who live there are working for other industries…it is a major tourist destination for bay area locals.


I am against the ban. But I owned a house in Stateline and got sick of VRBO tenants. Plenty of houses on the Nevada side and 400 homes in the tourist corridor near the casinos. The Keys where I live will get the most hurt. Only 20% of homes occupied by locals. Most sit empty. VHRs add a lot to the economy. Locals will be begging for them to come back.

Tahoe is transitioning from a tourist community to a retirement community. Locals now want peace and quiet. All my rowdy friends in the 70s have become old and boring.


Uber is doing great.



Had my second ride with Lyft yesterday. The driver apparently only drove Lyft and not Uber. I asked him why and he said a long time ago he used to drive both, but one time he gave a ride to some kids smoking in his car so he kicked them out and Uber decided to side with the smokers.



I wonder about lime. I see lots of bikes all over but rarely anyone riding one. Now they are getting onto cars too.


I think it’s wrong.




Uber Puts Its First Self-Driving Car Back on the Road Since Pedestrian Death

  • Uber cars will operate in autonomous mode in Pittsburgh

  • A pedestrian died in March when hit by Uber self-driving car



The Cab Ride That Nearly Killed Me Changed How I Think About Ride-Hailing Apps

Singapore, like every big city, has been overrun with new car service apps. Is that a good thing?




They know ride-hailing is never going to be profitable without autonomous driving. They are desperate for something else before everyone else figures it out. It’s basically groupon.


Here’s the Uber Investor Letter That Forced Travis Kalanick Out




They left out depreciation…Another $5k per year…The guy only nets $49k…


@marcus335 , You gonna love this.

They only lose $1.8 billion in 2018.


With that take rate, how they continue to lose money?


Uh, opex, capex, and cheapskates using promo codes.