UC Berkeley Admission Stats

Come on, Heather Locklear went to UCLA and she was considered a plain jane in her class…:wink:

So Dougherty is almost as good as Mission San Jose. House prices in SR is much lower than Fremont Mission too. Traffic sucks, if one has to commute to the other side of the bay. That’s the only down side.

Orinda blows all other public schools out of the water…

All: 33/98 = 33.7%.

Yes. It’s easier to get to city from Orinda but not to Santa Clara county.

One thing to clarify is denominator for this ratio is “number of applicants”.
This ratio doesn’t represent what % of students were accepted to Berkeley out of all students in the school. I would be more interested in this number than what % of students were accepted out of all applicants since students who were not qualified did not even apply to Berkeley.
Berkeley is very popular among kids who are interested in EECS.

I found this Quora thread about UCI vs UCD:


So Irvine does have a much higher ranking in CS than Davis. That gels with my intuition. But Davis does have a higher overall ranking than Irvine. Both are pretty solid schools.

I’m having a hard time reasoning about this statistic. What am I supposed to infer? It seems like the numbers could easily be skewed by an overzealous guidance counselor encouraging unqualified students to apply to Cal.

I’d be much more interested in seeing average SAT, broken down by ethnicity.

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Go Bruins!!!

They need your donation now more than ever!!

Riot in UCB

So much for a top university. Riots, rapes, suicides, etc. Please don’t send your lovely children there.

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You guys don’t send, so I have it all for my kids… :slight_smile:

It’s a shame! Why does the media hide the riot? Because it wasn’t committed by the blacks? The media is racist.

Libralism has hit the wall, now they have to become violent to show their purism.

"Please convince me that if three to five thousand Black folks lost their minds, there would not be wall-to-wall coverage,” said Martin.

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I would be very happy to send my kids, too.
From ROI(salary_after_graduation/tuition) perspective, i believe UCB engineering school is the best.

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Ok, @wuqijun, we finally caught up to Big Brother…

Is UCLA even harder to get in than Cal? There are so many more people down South…

I don’t know the exact acceptance levels between the two, but I do know UCLA for awhile now has received the MOST undergraduate applications of ALL universities. I would give the nod to Big Bro Cal still…

If I could start all over again, I would not choose UCB. I would probably go for city college instead… :rofl:

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