UC Berkeley Admission Stats


Is UCLA treating students better? I heard some bad words about UCB: huge classes with very little support


That right. It’s system seeks to keep the strong and filters out the weak. By no means they try to help the weak getting stronger.


UCB = welcome to the real world. Sink or swim the choice is yours.


If that’s the case, I’m not surprised that students would choose UCLA and Santa Clara university over UCB. A school that pushes students to fail is not worth it

That’s borderline to abusive teaching. No wonder UCB alumni does not like to donate. The alumni would say, UCB, welcome to the real world. Swim or sink, your choice :joy:


They don’t need their donations. All funded by the state… :wink:


Frankly, UCLA is no different (unless they are doing something different now). I will ask my buddy’s daughter when she comes back during the holidays from her first quarter there. She should have some fun there, 6 young ladies sharing a unique dorm space with common shower. My buddy who took her down for orientation said I was right, the coeds there are gorgeous. Of course they are…


SoCal women >> NorCal!!


If that’s isn’t a slap in the face on @harriet, @jane, @MM_HH, @Terri and the like I don’t know what is… :rofl:


That is just a stereotype. Beautiful women are everywhere…


Agree. :slight_smile:

All i can tell others is “folks, let’s try to focus on inner beauty”.

I am so glad that i live in SV where i can wear jeans and black t-shirts to my office everyday without being called “hideous”.

I like beautiful ladies, though.
I truly respect them.


Great humility! :rofl:


Costwise, cheaper to go to a 2 years community college and then applies for UCs or better college. To save even more money, can go to SJSU and still got a shot to be a billionaire (Jan Koum).


Is the better choice if you want to learn something and get a job fast. Although not very well known outside SV, many alumni in SV so easy to get contacts.


The only thing I care about potential daughter-in-law is “three obediences and four virtues”. If that is meant by inner beauty, ok :grin:


I googled them and found that one of 4 virtue is “wifely manner/appearance”. Thus, It cannot be the definition of inner beauty because it defeats my main purpose of bringing up inner beauty in the first place. :sweat_smile:


I heard that UCB “destroys” aspiring students. For those “destroyed” Berkeley students, who were straight As in high school mostly , Santa Clara Universiry could give them a much better education and they can become better people with more successes in life.

Heard from a manager that some UCB students they interviewed for engineers know “nothing”. Apparently UCB curriculum is outdated and not useful for the workplace. Since majority of the students won’t pursue PhD and academic careers, the value of UCB is questionable.

Also UCB gives bad grades to students and limits their opportunity for professional schools.

A super resource deprived school could make students less generous and appear mean to their future coworkers, which could have a lasting negative effect

Is this UCB specific? Are all the UCs the same in terms of destroying students?

It seems to me that UCB is really good for PhDs and research professors. Its teaching is worse than Santa Clara University. It seems to emphasize research and undergraduate teaching is ignored


Bay Area is in a severe shortage of elite private universities. If I’m a billionaire, I would donate and make Santa Clara Univ and Univ of San Francisco as good as USC or Rice.

Bay Area billionaires are so stingy and none of them have a legend!

Silicon Valley is basically a place for a poor guy to become a billionaire quickly. But the new billionaire have almost zero social impact locally. Where does Ellison and Intel/Google/Netflix billionaire spend their money? Jobs is not super rich so I’m glad with his iphone


Want to be founders of startup, go to Stanford.
Want to be middle management, go to SCU.
Want to be rank-n-file, go to SJSU.

Search your feeling, know who you are and go to the correct college. Of course, I would choose to go to Stanford :sweat_smile:

One Stanford is not good enough? Thought we need more rank-n-file. IMHO, should beef up community colleges.


Stanford alone is not enough. We need a USC, a Boston College, another 2-3 top 50 private colleges.

The gap between Stanford and SCU is too big. And we do not even have a competitive school here for SCU


I would choose none of those. I choose to be an heir, if I could… :rofl:

Oops… reality calling me back need to go to Lowes now to get that dishwasher for my flip… :laughing: