UC Berkeley Admission Stats


@hanera is not going to reveal any of that personal information unless the bride side (that means YOU) first come clean with the following:

  1. Where exactly do you live (as in which neighborhood in sf)
  2. Your future plan with that house (as in whether you are selling it and moving to Milbrae or the like)


Hahaha… let’s be clear. I am not marrying @hanera’s sons… They are, shall we say, not my type. :smile:


Come on, don’t divert the subject. You have the fudiciary duty to reveal such information so @hanera can determine the size of the dowry… :rofl:


Crazy Asian parent exhibit No. 479182:


Good to know her dad is wearing an Apple watch.


I believe he owns property in Austin too…:grinning:


Holy cow! My daughter will only be allowed to marry an Chinese man then.

Wedding costs and kid’s down payment checked off of my savings list.

Which colleges have the most Asians in the US?


Berkeley is probably your best bet from this list anyway (for someone who will more than likely do well)…