UC Berkeley Admission Stats


Did UCB education help you? How much?

If you went to SCU, do you think you’ll be better off or worse? By how much?

I’m suspecting that some people choose UCB to suffer for 4 years and then suffer for the rest of their life


And Seallte is even worse. No decent private school at all.

Portland is a desert of higher educationz

LA is the west coast capital of elite universities. Probably LA was the land of billionaires many years ago


Come on now, Mark Benioff gives a lot of money to charity and school systems. He def does way more than some of the other billionaires.

You are painting too broad of a negative stroke with respect to UCB. UCB will always, at the very least, have its name, which is very good. Academics at UCB are rigorous enough that if you can handle that you can handle the real world. Sure, no one wants just a bookworm without any practical work experience.

And lastly, please do not put USC on a pedestal. It should be in a gutter…:slight_smile:


US News ranked USC #21, same as UCLA and UCB. So UCLA/USC rivalry may continue for some time, you better hope UC tuition changes for the benefit of the school

And the top 20 are all private universities. UCLA and UCB are tied as the #1 public schools. Compared with other top public schools such as UT Austin, UV and UIUC, is the class size still a big problem for UC?

Bay Area needs a few top 50 private colleges. UC is very good but its treatment of students are not ideal for sure.



Intel CEO also from SJSU. So like real estate school is locations, locations, locations. Berkeley is the best public college in America. I am glad to see UCLA tied for number 1. That means California has the top 2. Think about that before you bash our great state.

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Let’s be honest, ask anyone in academia, USC does not hold a candle to UCLA and UCB. That is fact. They don’t call USC the University of Spoiled Children for nothing, and that is just the PG version…


I heard USC = University of Sexy Ch… ? :thinking:


I saw some comments on USC rising very quickly. Even without any improvement, it’s for sure the 3rd most prestigious private university in California.

For the same high school graduate, I would bet that he or she will get a better education at USC than UCLA. Research reputation is less a concern to a college student, but I think USC has strong research as well. If I am a college student, I wouldn’t care whether UCB professor publish a good paper or even get a Nobel prize. Education quality is different from research reputation.

Anyway, the purpose is not to compare USC vs UCLA. The intent is to ask Bay Area have a couple of strong private colleges as the caliber of USC. Generally private colleges provide a better education, imho



Let’s put it to you this way, I see resumes all the time. I will not hesitate to throw away the USC one and keep the UCLA one… You didn’t read this…

I do not doubt that USC has closed the gap, especially perhaps with some of the graduate or professional schools, but that article is a farce if I ever saw one. USC is NOT better than UCLA in terms of academic prestige. OMG, to think a condom is worthy…


Every UC is the same way. You can’t expect much from public schools now come on…


If these students can be destroyed so easily then they are not stellar to begin with.


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Well, if you send these destroyed students to Stanford, they may be just fine.


Oh absolutely my life was destroyed because I went to UCB. I could’ve been a billionaire. Now I’m not. Poor me… :rofl:


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