Uh Oh....The Layoffs Begin

Only 300 people? That will hardly put a dent in anything.

Perhaps, but as every landlord knows a full blown leak always starts with a trickle…

I hope you are correct as this was one of the pioneers in driving SF to what it is today.

Here’s hoping! :slight_smile:

They’ve been struggling for years. Cisco, Intel, and HP have all had layoffs this year too.

I personally don’t understand why Twitter exists. …a total waste of time…For idiots like Trump with the attention span of a cocker spaniel…


Hey, hey, our fearless leader @marcus335 is a twit…err twitterer. And we know everything he does (uses snail mail) is the RIGHT and ONLY way…

Maybe more coming…

I agree Twitter is ridiculous but I’m old and was willing to be proven wrong by the market. Happy when I’m right though… I’m sure engineers will land on their feets

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Yes, I am happy to say that I am not a Twitterer or a Facebook user. I have stopped churning my own butter as of two weeks ago… progress I guess

Getting it delivered with the milk now? :stuck_out_tongue:

Twitter is awesome man. The serious downside is that it has a huge barrier of entry. You need to cultivate who you follow to get the best experience. For me I follow many journos, some tech people, and some folks back in Hong Kong. It has the power to teleport you to Ground Zero of anything anywhere in the world. You get far more texture than just reading a news report.

So only I use Twitter here? No wonder the company is going down the toilet.

I get the texture should a major event occur…telling me that you had an amazing burger is garbage and not only clogging up one’s arteries but the airwaves for more meaningful messages…

You can use the same analogy for Snapchat which nobody here uses…

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Cisco have job cuts every year. This is no surprise.


You need to think and look for the results of the new budget and the realization of the promise to reduce taxes for the corporations. Any rebound, or the normalcy on the job numbers we see every month will be changing for the worse if the new tax cuts don’t come through.

It’s the nature of the beast, you promise it blood, blood they expect. They ain’t on this for the love of the country. Is it?

and they keep acquiring new companies so the net employees remain stable. Very common for large tech companies.