Uh Oh....The Layoffs Begin

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@buyinghouse, i duplicated your post on this here since it seems to be on topic…

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In digital age, no need for so many sales and customer service officers. What takes them so long? You need as many SWEs as you can afford, not those peddling sales. Hold one big show, let customers call you or buy online.

Sorry to add more good news.

Stick a Craftsmen screwdriver in em, Sears is done…

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I am hearings stories that even downtown SF has a lot of vacancies in retail spaces…boutiques can’t pay the same rents as tech…and no rent control

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Wells Fargo to shut down 450 branches in the future.

Aren’t there rumors that my bank since high school is trying to cover up some other shenanigans they did???

Nice to “carry” away with $7 million

An employment lawyer that I know recently said that work is great and noted an uptick in both RIFs and sexual harassment issues in the bay. Only 1 guy but I thought it was interesting…

List of 22 retailers closing shops



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9,000 employees is a ton for $2B in revenue. R&D spend is over 30% of revenue and revenue is declining. That’s a mess. SG&A is almost 2x the R&D spend. The two combined are greater than revenue. That’s a recipe for disaster.

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SF hurts. Time to sell SF and buy South Bay. Some SF neighborhood has been flat for 2 years, unbelievable


Come on, the Fab 7x7 is tough as strand bamboo flooring (that has been on my mind lately). Too much money’d people here, as you can tell from the Presidio Terrace case.

Good observation @marcus335. 9000 employees for 2B in revenue just doesn’t work. Very bloated company.

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Hmmm…I think of Tesla…


I am out of the Bay Area for sure.

You are not spending enough on eBay @sfdragonboy.

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