Uh Oh....The Layoffs Begin

1100 people!

wow, good thing I didn’t get an interview there. I was trying to get in the fall after being bored at work. ha

This thread will be busy for a while.


Sad for all the folks affected at COIN. Hope they land roles elsewhere. But this was coming, particularly after rescinding offers.

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Market changes so fast. Not long ago, SWEs are demanding ridiculous pay rise e.g. @marcus335 story that one demanding $700k for a $400k job. Now, they are being layoff en masse.


Gave him excuse to fire ppl without layoff package, Most company layoff will happen soon anyway. Broadcom/vmware buyout will probably layoff 30-40% of the workers. probably more big merging acquisition will happen in the next year

Thought Elon Musk believes in free speech.


free speech for me, not for thee

They have their freedom to make those points and he has freedom to fire them. :wink:

Come on now. Elon is super petty. Get on the same page or get out basically.

Should not surprise anyone

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Why do companies do this? You can’t find some a few deadweights to trim?

ethics applies to only employees. Employers can do whatever they want with no ethics. Interestingly many employees support this!