Uh Oh....The Layoffs Begin

Especially now that I found a new gal…Amazon!!!


What took you so long???


Well, for one, I was skeptical about the pricing and I never thought I would ever buy a freaking full blown 5 burner 36" gas cooktop from there. It worked out quite nicely (knock on wood).

But you’d buy that from Ebay?

I probably would buy from a reputable seller on Ebay for anything but the advantage that Amazon has is the fast and potentially free shipping. That, is the kicker. I was concerned about even buying from Amazon considering the size and materials involved (glass top) but my concerns were alleviated. I am a Bezos follower now…

It can go wrong. I’ve never tried to return a stove.

Some things I do prefer Home Depot for.

I have increasingly noticed Amazon is not the cheapest. And this opening up of their marketplace has created so much noise and spam from low quality off label vendors who manipulate their reviews that it’s becoming a big time sink and exhausting to shop on Amazon. I find that Amazon is becoming increasingly like Aliexpress. (not sure if it’s intentional or not). I liked Amazon for ease and quality. Their approach to take as many merchants in as possible is pushing things in the other direction. This has dropped the amount of money I am spending with Amazon. We were debating hard on wether to renew our subscription this year. We are unlikely to renew next year


Yes, but the problem with any of the big box stores is that you have to order it and that may take days. A landlord’s job is never ending and you need results asap. Even my contractor said he has become an Amazon convert too because of the variety of tools that he can buy and the pricing can be quite good. Remember, I got a 2 year warranty on said cooktop for $30. Anything wrong with it, well, I am covered. Not a lot to hate quite frankly…

The multiple listings and spam has been a problem for a while. They do try to keep their database clean, but they don’t really succeed.

I tried Honey because i thought it would help find the lowest price and ironically it was telling me that something for $60 was cheaper than something for $55. Ouch.


After emerging from bankruptcy?


Geez, 3,200 jobs by 2020…


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They’ve been having layoffs for 10+ years. Someone actually did a compilation of all their lay-off announcements. Carli destroyed the place, and it never recovered.

That was predictable. How does a business that simple need 15,000 people to run it? These mega unicorns are garbage. They are the exact opposite of what they are supposed to be. They are supposed to be about how the cloud and apps make a company far more scalable.

Trump policy benefits all industry except auto and agriculture. With the phase one deal signed, farmers are laughing to the bank. Only one industry left behind.