Uncle Manch, Let's Buy This One


Correct me if I am wrong, doesn’t flatland Millbrae tend to have more plane noise?


I am thinking not since the planes seem to be more towards SSF and San Bruno flatlands. Could be wrong…


Like a G6, like a G6.



If you are interested, friend is selling her family Eichler in San Mateo starting this weekend. No pics just yet but I told her I may go by to check the vibe for her since she lives far away.


San Mateo is too far down unfortunately.


You are starting to sound like my wife…


It’s more like our wives sound alike. I don’t have a problem with driving. If Yan can’t cook gave me the keys to his mansion down in HB do I say “no sir, it’s too far”? Hell no!


san Mateo is 10min past Millbrae


Thanks, but no thanks…


Mrs. sfdragonboy


Ok, pics are up. Already a designated “hot home”, so 1.5M easy??? That’s what my friend and I were thinking.


Amazing how 7 miles changes everything. .I used to commute from Belmont to Glen Park…took me 20m. 22 miles at 75mph…Faster than from the Sunset district to downtown at 15mph or less with traffic and stop signs


Yeah, those days are long gone. I take the streetcar from Central Sunset at about 6:45am and don’t get to the office by The Leaning Tower Of San Francisco by about 7:30. Pathetic…



Wow, texted my friend with this Eichler, unofficial of course, sells for 1.6M. Market is way strong!!! Details:

  1. 13 inquires and 3 official offers
  2. ZERO contingencies
  3. Cash did not win once again (not the highest)


Your friend did very well. Sold for 1.65M !! :scream:


Yup, not bad for the family home that she and the sibs grew up in. A lot of buyers looking and losing out on…


Oh, buyer went through Redfin agent too I see…


And overpaid dearly.


Why do you say that? First of all, inventory is generally low right and there aren’t that many Eichlers in decent shape around. To me, now, overpaying implies that you have a choice and frankly who does have a choice? You are probably more out there (to buy) than I am right at this moment, so aren’t you seeing the masses and the bidding wars still? One should be almost fortunate to have won and “overspent.”


You are working too hard…