Uncle Manch, Let's Buy This One


Old habits are hard to break…that’s what we Toisan people do.


Can you spare a half mil, @manch???


My bad. But lot on small side and ceiling kinda low.


What??? The yard is decent sized and the house is nice. Wow, your standards are off the charts…


Dude lot is only 5300 ft. Yeah it passes as decent in SF but not in the burb. Even my San Jose starter house has a bigger lot than that.


Please, so post your house pictures so we can decide which is better. I am betting on Millbrae…:grin:


Again, I find it so funny that you say too how great San Jose is, yet where do you live? That’s right, Fab 7x7. God, I should be a lawyer…


Let’s see if I can escape the s hole like our president would say. :wink:


Believe me, SF is so resilient that it will be here long after you and I are gone. The fact is simple, people love it here. Poll and after and even despite the high cost of living the rating for quality of life is still fairly strong as voted by those same renters.


I know… why diss a place that you are currently living in… but then again just today I dissed the crap out of East Bay to another agent… oops you didn’t hear me say that… :rofl::rofl::rofl:


That’s why I never really follow advice from people who are wishy washy. Actions speak loudest in my book. You moved to SF because perception and reality was that it presumably was better (for many reasons). To then say crap about the city (that you moved to) is lame…


If you are content with what you got you will never push yourself to the next level. So I say always always say crap about where you live now.

Wife has big family in SF so the farthest I can get away with is PA. That gives me lots of motivation to make $$$ just so I can dim sum at east lake every week. :smile:


There’s no east lake in PA… there’s Mings which is crap… :nauseated_face:


Why argue…both SF and SJ are not that great. I am outta here hopefully in five years or less…


After you finally left, you’d come to realize that Bay Area has been the greatest all along… :rofl:


Going to Austin?


It’s quite the opposite. Don’t know work-wise but in terms of desirability I much prefer places like Australia…but no I am not going to apply for immigration there, too much hassle.

Probably not, doesn’t really jive with my life style and I don’t like Texas BBQ. Seattle or LA is a better candidate for me but we will see…


It’s because you are still here, that’s why you’re not evoking those feelings. My statement only applies after your departure… :wink:


This place is just not my cup of tea, even though I grew up here and spent most of my life here. It’s similar to working a job you don’t like. You are kind of stuck to make things work out but deep down you really don’t want to work there.


LA has the best Chinese food on the continent. My vote goes to LA.