Under Trump's Exec Order, 75% of Illegals Could Be Deported


"President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration allows three-quarters of immigrants who entered the country illegally to be subject to deportation, according to The Center for Immigration Studies’ Ronald Mortensen.

Trump’s Executive Order 13768 “will not ‘exempt classes or categories of removable aliens from potential enforcement,’” unlike former President Barack Obama’s immigration measures, writes Mortensen. “This means that the vast majority of people unlawfully in the United States are once again subject to deportation.”"

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My problem with this is the same as with the wall. If we had infinite resources and international goodwill, sure, build a silly wall and deport 75% of illegal immigrants.

But the reality is Trump wants to reduce taxes and government spending. When you have limited funds (and in real life, this is always), the wall is a waste of money that can be spent better elsewhere. So is deporting illegal immigrants who are otherwise good citizens. Lets focus on the “bad hombres” that commit crimes and don’t pay their taxes. That’s what Obama actually did and I have no problem with it. If you spend time and money deporting children, that’s fewer dollars left to deport the “bad hombres”


You do not have to increase spending. You can keep the same number of law enforcement and deport more by simply redefining who can be deported. It only says that 75% are eligible for deportation. Eligibility does not mean everyone will get a deportation. You can just deport whoever the law enforcement encounters or anyone complains about, that will not increase budget.

I am wondering why only 75% illegal immigrants are eligible for deportation. Who are the other 25%?

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If you were smart, you would have participated in the topic where I defined the shitty problems you landlords would have if they deported millions of people. Basically, only an idiot would shoot himself in the foot by being landlord and desiring the number of people in their area dwindle. YOu would suffer a recession and you would be crying like a 5th grader. Like your president.

But, OK, let’s deport everyone.

The executive order does not mention nationality, so it applies to all illegal immigrants, it does not matter where they are from.

Landlords can not control the executive order. It’s within his authority. Obama was called the “Chief of Deportation”, Trump may build on Obama’s legacy and could do more.

Mainly I think deportation’s best effect is that it can deter future illegal immigration. It’s impossible to deport a large percentage of the illegals already here, but it can reduce the future illegal immigration greatly.

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Also it would be wrong for a white American to support or object a policy based on whether that policy is good or bad for white Americans. Is it ok for other races to do it?

I think it’s dangerous for minorities to overly use race in identity politics. In the end, majority of the county is white, even though in California, white is a minority now. When white people start to use their race in identity politics, the real nightmare will come

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Don’t these bad hombres feed on the good ones? So long there are easy victims, bad hombres would come… if no more victims…

When a pipe is burst, what should we do first? Good principle :grinning:

Well… who should decide what America should be? A white America? An immigrant America? A diversified America?

Then, do yourself a favor and don’t be ignorant by singling out a race like the Latinos for your relentless out of topic from Real Estate forum topics!

You know the answer right? The deciders are the majority voters of USA who choose the President & hence his/her policies on immigration.

Exactly, when a pipe is burst you fix the pipe before you start bailing water. I’m not sure you’ve considered the parallels to immigration

BTW, standing water does not encourage more water to flow from the pipe

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I opened a topic where I point the ignorance of some landlords, really. Imagine 1,000 people deported every week in any city.
I for sure would like to be a renter, plenty of homes and apartments for rent, cheap.

Trump and his cronies will be ready to buy real estate. Keep an eye on the ball…

Me not his crony but is on the lookout… won’t happen immediately… prices are sticky because nobody believe his house is worth less than the other house sold not long ago… just have to wait at least 6 months or more depending it is temporary or secular… patience.

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Trump’s wall has caused Hillary the presidency. In 8 years, Democratic’s position could change on illegal immigration.

Politicians will respond to voters, though there could be a lag for the politicians to understand the change and be convinced of the shift. 8 years should be enough time for Democrats to study and understand America. There is no point for democrats to act against voters to allow illegal immigration if that means an election loss.

The golden years for illegal immigration is coming to the end.

The issue is Trump is such a bad candidate, that when the economy runs south he will not get reelected.

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Have people seen the video of Bill Clintonsoewking about crackdowns on illegal immigration in the state of the union address? Everyone applauded him. It’s only a recent pivot of position which was clearly miscalculated.

Also, Obama spoke about his increase in border patrols. He deported more illegals than any president in history. Democrats only talk about being friendly. Then people don’t pay attention to actions.

It’s just like planned parenthood is about women’s health. Yet, only 5 of 97 locations offer prenatal services. If you care about women’s health, then caring for women while their health is most important should be a top priority. There’s a reason they are in low income and heavily minority areas. There’s a reason they perform abortions. It’s about population control of the very people democrats claim to care about. Hillary probably would have won without decades of abortions on low income minorities.

It always amazes me how people emotionally attack to a headline in seconds without reading or investigating further.

Jury is still out. We’ll know in 4 years. Historically, almost every president gets 8 years, let’s see if Trump will fail to utilize the presidential power to guarantee a win.

I think there are many reasons for most president to get 8 years. Public opinion can be manipulated easily by the power.

Sorry, but you cannot mix things together
Landlords us love renters. but we have to obey the law
illegal is illegal
On the other hand , the renters would say without illegal immigrant, more housing for them , cheaper

The way i learn from a child to adult is a LAW is LAW,
Lady Justice statue’s eye is blind folded the reason is no matter what excuses, what story is , law is law. If everyone committed crime and giving out stories, then the whole society will have no rule.

I am glad you are such a law and order supporter.
And I love knowing that you will be happy when the rents and home prices come down due to lack of renters. I congratulate you.

Speaking of law. In the books, there’s a “harboring illegal aliens” provision that most people ignore. It just needs a little dial up to make it efficient. That is, including landlords on this and man! I am going to be so satisfied of seeing landlords complying with the law. They will be smiling and happy to tell their tenants they got to go. Which in turn will cause empty nests to be filled with cheap seeker tenants because there are going to be one too many.

Cause and effect my dear Jackson.