Very Embarrassing Ladies

Come on, WTF happened??? I guess it is really true, you LIKE bad boys. You like boys who grope women and talk down to you. (SMFH)


I’m more surprised by the 26% of Latina women.

We live in a misogynistic society. And women can be sexist just like people of color can be racist.

Very disappointed.

No doubt, as we tease out the results and fully understand WTF happened.

I won’t even attempt to explain it, but I’m not surprised at all. It makes sense to me.

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And I have admitted that as a registered Republican I too went ahead and voted for the obviously more experienced politician. But maybe that was the problem, right? Hillary is just another politician from the old mold. Americans are tired of being second fiddle. Now, is The Donald the answer? Remains to be seen of course, but he is THE MAN now. I just hope he is as smart as he says he is by surrounding himself with the best advisors out there to help him. And I think he will do that, only because I think he knows oh sheet this is really happening…

On the subject of immigration, I personally wouldn’t build a physical wall per se, but I do value US citizenship very highly and take very seriously the process involved when one wants to come here. It should not be something that is given away.

I would like to see us being tougher on the world stage. There is nothing wrong with that. What is wrong with cutting fair deals? We will always help those in need (hopefully) but if another country needs to pony up for some of the costs, well…pony up I say.

We need a wall if for no other reason than 70-80% of illegal drugs in this country come across that border. Illegal drugs are funding the gang violence problem in major cities. We clean that up and suddenly people in Detroit and Chicago don’t live in a war zone. I realize most people here don’t care about that, since we don’t have to live in areas with the problem. We just avoid certain neighborhoods, and it doesn’t impact our lives. However, that’s a massive disservice to poor minorities that live in those areas. You can’t say you want to help those people, but continue to let them live in a war zone. To me, that’s one of the biggest issues with the democratic party. They give minorities lip service, but they don’t really take actions to improve their communities. Just look at the 30 least safe cities. They are almost 100% democrat mayors since the 1960’s. How has that worked for those people? Most have massive debt problems with the public service unions. They have horrible schools and the highest crime rates in the country. Yet those communities keep voting democratic at a 80%+ rate.

I have no idea how it became politically incorrect to be against people being here illegally. Maybe people that are pro illegals should try living illegally in another country and see how accommodating they are. I’m all for legal immigration, especially of high skilled workers. I think anyone that gets a degree for a US university should automatically get a green card to stay here and work. However, I see a huge difference between that and illegal immigration. Especially when illegals keep coming in and telling us our country is wrong. If we’re so wrong, then why’d they leave their country to come here? That’s like Apple hiring someone from Enron and the person immediately starts telling everyone at Apple that they run the company the wrong way. When you join the most successful team out there, you assimilate into their culture and success. You don’t spend most of your time trying to get them to be like the place you left.

I think a lot of the tension is the attack on white males as the source of the problems in America. Do people not realize white men built this country? Who signed the declaration of independence? Who fought the revolutionary war? Who made most of the major inventions that changed society for the positive? If all those other groups were so great, then their countries would be superior to the US. The fact is they aren’t. How much of the world doesn’t even have indoor water and sewer? Think about that for a minute. They say white men are holding them back in the US, but they can’t even figure out running water in their own country. There are huge parts of the world that are literally decades if not over a century behind the US.


You’re asking why women didn’t vote for a woman who defends her husbands rapescapades, says every woman should be believed–except her husband’s accusers, and laughs about getting a child rapist off the hook on a technicality knowing full well that he was guilty. That’s pretty scary frankly–I mean, adult rape not ok, but getting a child rapist set free on technicality and laughing about it is really sick.

As a woman, I know rape is rampant on college campuses . It makes me very sad, but honestly, I don’t generally get shocked anymore when I hear the stories. Whether date rape or stranger rape. But one of the incidents that still boggles my mind, that has stuck with me 20 years later, was the report of a woman who was attacked in her lab building’s basement, raped by a man with his girlfriend helping to hold her down. The woman did not know the attackers–they were trespassing on campus looking to commit a crime (this wasn’t a love triangle gone bad). THAT’s F-IN SICK. OK? If you are a woman helping a man rape another woman, you are a traitor to women. You are not a feminist. You are a TRAITOR to feminists. You are WORSE THAN THE GUY who committed the rape.

Now, Hlllary doesn’t hold the women for Bill to rape (or at least not that I’ve heard yet), but the fact that she defends him and attacks his accusers instead of staying out of the matter, is still a slap in the face to women and feminists. Don’t be surprised if women don’t love her. She is a traitor to women. She is a traitor to mothers who want their daughters safe. She is a traitor to feminists, no matter how much she lobbies for abortion on demand.



Who did you vote for? I voted for Hillary and I am a registered Republican. I may be hellbent on the number 8, love SF to death and think every human ought to be vaccinated every hour but come on, this was a travesty and you know it. I may not like Hillary but certainly she was qualified more so to run this country, no?

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Sorry. I am not telling anyone who I voted for, not even my husband.

Actually we should care. When I looked into the issue back in 2010, what I saw was that the majority of Heroin was coming into the country through Redwood City and Oakland. I’m assuming part of that is North Fair Oaks. Was pretty sobering since we were looking at a house in that neighborhood and there were reports of gangs and shooting in the areas and needles being found along the tracks.

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I don’t get it.
Do you really think Donald is better candidate than Hillary Clinton from Women(or any minority)'s perspective?

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Well, just like The Donald, who wouldn’t release his income taxes, we really don’t know what you stand for then right @Terri? Hey, I revealed my cards here. I am a proud moderate who will vote for the best candidate, demo or rep.

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If that question is directed to me, I don’t think either candidate has any moral high ground when it comes to rape, groping, or the like–Trump has issues, Hillary does too. And I think expecting women to vote for Hillary because she’s a woman is expecting us to vote with our vaginas which is insulting. Both candidates have very serious flaws. But as a woman, I don’t honestly care if we have “the first woman president” now or in 20 years, and I don’t see why anyone should expect women to automatically align with Hillary simply because we share the same kind of private parts.


No one honesty wants that kind of reasoning when voting obviously @Terri. Again, isn’t Hillary much more qualified to run this county than The Donald, based on her experience alone? Simple question.

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Sorry sfdragonboy. If I’ve decided not to tell my family, it is not fair to tell the board. You can know, though, that I am registered independent and vote on issues, not parties.

It doesn’t matter who you voted for …Hillary was going to win in Cali no matter what…The electoral system is archaic and descriminates against Cali…Hillary may very well win the national popular vote…

Wasn’t that what your original post implied though? But if you are stepping back from that implication, then I appreciate it. Thank you.

I never said that woman should support Hillary because she was a woman.
I am talking about Donald’s very troubling view on woman and any minority group and how openly he expresses it.
I am learning very shocking aspect of American society through this election…


Well, I am having a hard time understanding why white women per article did not simply go for the more experienced and qualified person for the job FIRST, and then realize it is a woman by chance. Shouldn’t we all go with such a blindfolded decision making process? When we hire employees on the job? I could care less if you are green and have 3 arms, but if you can run this country better by god I better vote for you.

And no, I don’t really expect you to tell us who you voted for but you have to admit by doing so everything is transparent and everything being said has some foundation to it (to bedrock no less). I have nothing to hide.