Very Embarrassing Ladies


Would she be able to automatically take up the POTUS position and get things rolling from day one? Absolutely. She’s a career politician, she knows everyone in the system, she knows how to play the system, and she knows how to work the system to her advantage. She can even ask Bill if she has questions. Ha! (Can she just divorce him now?) But she has sold political influence to make herself wealthy and let ISIS take hold of the Middle East on her tenure as secretary of state. What ISIS has done is destabilizing not only the middle east but all the European countries the refugees are fleeing to.

Trump has no political experience aside from golf with the Clintons. He will have to surround himself with people who have that experience and expertise, but at least he’s been a CEO, so he does have leadership experience, just not in politics. He’s going to have to be a top notch CEO of the US who seeks out absolutely the best people to fill the jobs and then lets them do their jobs without micromanaging. His advantage is that he is not “Bought”–he doesn’t owe favors to Monsanto, Dow, Merck, the King of Qatar, or anyone else. He was abandoned by the Republican party and vilified by the Democratic party. He doesn’t owe either party anything, and that sets him free to actually reach across both aisles and not pay lip service to it. He’s going to have to make amends for what he said during the campaign and to try to unify where he created division. Yet, he doesn’t feel the need to be politically correct, so the variety of issues that are plaguing our country-- the issues that everyone tries to pretend don’t exist during the election campaign, he has the guts to say it like it is. And things are bad–social security is going broke, we have Islamic terrorists setting up cells in our country, we have a $20T debt, and our politicians are beholden to companies, not constituents. It’s not going to be fun or pleasant for us to face these issues as a country, so having someone who is willing to say it like it is and doesn’t need to kick the can down the road to appease a political party is an advantage.


Nice post…so who did you vote for??? :slight_smile:


I also think that this country needs to get away from the two party system and take the other parties more seriously. I find it strange that with two people so unpleasant and disliked as Hillary and Trump that people didn’t take Gary Johnson more seriously. I’m pretty shocked that he didn’t do better in the urban cities where as elt1 says, it didn’t matter who you voted for–Hillary was going to win CA–so why did only 2% vote for Johnson in San Mateo to show support for a third party candidate? This clip is meant to be humorous, but I feel like its exactly what I hear from people (start at 1:05 -> 1:35):


Uh, the dude thought Aleppo was a disease from non vaccination…:wink:


Terri, of course you can tell us this is an anonymous board.

At first I was surprised by the woman vote, but I’m sure trump will explain that weak women just want a strong man to take care of them. Voting for Hillary would be like having to go to work while your husband stays home with the kids.


Do you have a source for that?

From what I can tell this is the Aleppo quote:

And then he joked later about having an Aleppo moment when asked his favorite world leader and not able to remember the name of the former pres of mexico.

But let me say, you are the first person to actually object to something he said rather than saying “A vote for Johnson is a vote for Hillary/Trump” (whoever the speaker didn’t like).


Ok, maybe you’re the not first person, but it is well and few between the number of people who actually have an opinion on why they wouldn’t vote for him rather than why you shouldn’t support a third party candidate at all.


Um…was just playing with you there @Terri… it is not the end of the world, we have a new president who likes to grope and talk down to women…what more can we ask for? Can’t wait for that Canada immigration website to be back up…


Policy aside, I think it’s important to have a woman as president. I have two little girls. Kids need role models. They need to see other grownups already do something to internalize it’s possible for they themselves to do that. I very much want a female president so I can tell my kids, you, too, can be president.


I’m really curious why people think Trump is anti minorities and anti women. There’s a phenomenon in this country among minorities. They love to take an insult against one of them as an attack against them all. He was very specific about illegal immigrants. Of course, people took that as he hates all hispanics. He called Hillary a terrible woman, and women were all over social media acting as if he said it about all women. People need to take a step back and look at what was actually said.


The flip side of that is we now say to every kid in the country, you can be a racist, a sexist, a bully, a liar, a conman. That’s all OK. You can still be the president of 350M people, be the commander in chief, to order people die for you.

I am setting policies aside. I am just talking about the “character of leader” aspect of the presidency. How do you tell a little girl the president boasted about sexual assaults? A disabled kid that the president openly mocked a disabled reporter? Any kid that the president repeatedly speaks of other races in racist languages?


Fearless Leader or The Donald Of Realestateforums,

Since you don’t have a tv and don’t do online banking, surely you can keep the internet from your lovely little girls too and homeschool them 100% until you wed them off to some rich Palo Alto real estate magnate who shows up on your doorstep with a huge dowery, right???


We are in a delicate bubble, @sfdragonboy. We are a diverse society, with people of many races and religions living together peacefully, and nobody cares what you do in your bedroom. Actually we just want them to stay in their bedrooms and not do it on streets. :slight_smile:

I feel very lucky to call this place home.


So why did Mrs. Bill F up then??? Why did she neglect a key state like Pennsylvania? That is why I am so methodical when I do things in real life. Sure, not running for president stuff, but you never, ever, take anything for granted!!! She wins Penn and a few other neglected states, we are having a different conversation right now. Her campaign manager ought to be shot!!!

(And this is coming from a registered Republican)


I don’t think Hillary ignored PA. Whether they could have done more? I don’t know. There will be many people combing thru the post mortem.


Never, ever, use celebrities to bolster your image. The average Joe/Jane will actually not like that and will use that against you. Same thing happened with the courting of Kevin Durant. Some people brought super models or Tom Brady. Who freaking cares about Tom Brady?


Hillary ran a great campaign. I don’t think anyone can fault her for not putting in her 110%. The problem is we the people.

I was very sad last night. I am more upbeat today. The future is still bright. And not just in economic terms. We will take back the country. It’s not 2016, unfortunately. But we shall prevail. Eventually.


As monday morning quarterbacks, there is a lot there to pick at. Seriously. You never, ever underestimate your opponent. That, my friend, should be Lesson #1 to your kids.


I don’t see any signs of underestimating going on. Sure, the polls got things wrong. But evey poll got it wrong.

I just don’t want to shift blames around. The blame sits squarely on we the effing people.

That’s why I never blame the politicians passing shitty laws. We the people elected them in the first place! And we eat up all the garbage the pols feed us. Why do we blame the pols? We are the ones who asked for it.


Pretending Hillary is high character is not accurate either. They both have horrible character. The whole election set a bad example. You talk about minors and human rights. Hillary and Clinton foundation both take money from some of the worst human rights violators.