Very Embarrassing Ladies


New World Order:

  1. Republicans + Russians
  2. Democrats + The West

America split into two!!!


While I get it, I also don’t get it. Yes, do not wear short skirts and sexy heels to work where a bunch of horny males are, but couldn’t you be a blonde in a pant suit and still wow them with your intellect??? Yes, fight through the stereotypes by being simply who you are!!!


Meg Whitman is blond. Don’t think she needs to dye her hair at all… :rofl:


I’ve never seen a guy wear a muscle tank at work. I have seen women wear ridiculously low cut tops or shorts their ass was almost falling out of…


They don’t wear a muscle tank because there’s nothing for them to show… they are nerds not bodybuilders… :rofl:


I guess no interest in STEM careers???


I have heard from Real estate agents that thieves target the showing agents purses… Don’t bring a purse to an open house… They also steal prescription drugs and small items like cameras



$200…Plus all the costs of the office and props…why bother with the lies…For that much the guy could have just gone to a hooker…


Come on, he made a proposition (offering $200 for his research of your anatomy) and some crazy women were willing and stupid enough to take him up on it. I can not fault him completely…


He could have his cake and eat it too…Now he is guilty of rape…


Not as crazy as these women:


Come on, how come this doesn’t happen on our free work outing a few weeks ago at Disneyland???


Again, ladies??? Come on!!!:grinning:


It’s stupid. If he has needs he should just visit a brothel; at least the feeling is mutual and it’s legal in certain states.


Well, the problem with Roy is that he had a thing for underaged gals…that is a no no


Ladies can’t comment on something they supported, or by voting or belonging to that party. Period!

A few days ago, the vulgar president said something like this, that if it were to be told to any of the ladies husbands on this forum would case somebody to lose some teeth: Dear mister xxxxxx, your wife is willing to do “ANYTHING” in order to get a job with me".

I rest my case on the female supporting a female.


More of the same…


I bet JFK and Clinton had even higher support among white women. They both cheated on their wives. Clinton had a bunch of allegations of sexual misconduct. This isn’t something new or different.


kobe the rapist got a lot of love… sexual harassment me too crap is only for those ugly male.