Very Embarrassing Ladies


Hmm Google needs to do a better job of filtering these. Good catch!


Discrimination against Asian has never stopped. In fact, discrimination against Asian has been the only acceptable racial discrimination towards a minority group lately, even during an Oscar night under the theme of “Diversity”. I don’t think this was caused by Trump.



Interesting. Other places are saying absentee ballots are usually 2/3rds republican, and they might push Trump ahead in popular vote.


As Gore will tell you, the popular vote aint worth a pitcher of warm spit(paraphrasing a line from one on Roosevelts VPs)


Thank you for that disgusting thought. I don’t think I’ll need lunch now. Not hungry anymore.

That said, he is right.


How is that ridiculous? If you are against nonviolent drug offenders, it’s a valid complaint that clinton put forth policies in their favor. However, I don’t think it’s wrong to want prison reform while I do think it’s wrong to be racist.


“However, I don’t think it is wrong to be a convicted felon while I do think it’s wrong to be a racist.” That would be the logical conclusion if you read the comparison correctly. Still not ridiculous?


No, it’s not wrong to be a felon. It’s wrong to commit a crime, but someone who has served time is not inherently evil. If it was wrong to be a felon, we would never release anyone. Put them back in jail for being a felon.


I respect your personal opinion, and I’m glad you didn’t find the comparison ridiculous.


If any of the following women ever see these photos of themselves, they may never leave their homes again. It is pretty shocking some of the things women will do in public. Either way these photos will give you something to talk about for days with your friends.


Can’t we all just get along (and get admitted too)???

Ok, what’s the over/under on how long Mills College lasts before flatlining???

Hey, @harriet, surely you must have gone to this great institute of higher learning???:slight_smile:


I love to see people still stuck on the past. Socialism?

Driving is a socialist idea, right? We are forced to get a driver’s license, don’t we?

Social Security means anything for you? It’s local and national thingy.

Oh, any complaints about Trumpcare? Hmmm…those republican socialists are preparing the worse health program ever seen. How dare these socialists do that. Forcing us to pay for health benefits.


Time to put some ignorant concepts to rest. By ignorant I mean whoever posts something didn’t do a good research.
From the internet:
In fact, convicted felons can vote in all but 13 states. Some states (not including Illinois) have restrictions regarding the ex-felon’s status (e.g., parole, probation, etc.).


Koch Brothers. Oh, they don’t exist?

I keep telling people, we are all conditioned to believe what we hear, not what we could find out.

The dumb in the white house once said: I know how to make things happen". How about paying protesters?


I think you are a little bit off here. Have you heard of a candidate saying this: “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people”

And then the aforementioned are being harassed through immigration laws that are not seen on another races? Have you seen or heard of any immigration raid in Chinatown?

So, did you miss the discriminatory line from the racist in the white house then a candidate?

Negotiating with Japan, negotiating with China, when these people walk into the room, they don’t say, ‘Oh hello, how’s the weather?’ So beautiful outside, isn’t it lovely? ‘How are the Yankees doing?’ Oh they are doing wonderful, great.

“They say, ‘We want deal!’” he says, to laughter.<----------:scream:


Since I am well known to write long statements, and I have one ready, I will just give you this short one, this is what concentrates all the crap for what some of you guys voted for.

We are called the clown of the circus. Nobody is attending the store they say. The entire world is laughing at us. G20 showed us the powerful guy, who used to squeeze everybody’s hands to show force, seen how patiently, submissively, like a girlfriend in love, extending his hand so the powerful Putin would put his on. That smile, oh boy! What a lack of balls, excuse my French, I am perhaps copying our president being vulgar, to confront he who is invading countries, spying on us, interfering with our elections, and killing our people whenever he can.

This poor example of a president, had the audacity of trashing our intelligence agencies, insult a woman, accuse former president on foreign soil. And I remember some people trashing Obama for apologizing our country. What a contrast, what a décor.

We should never send any ignorant person like him to represent us. Nor a hand bag/shoe designer sitting in representing our country when she wasn’t elected for that position. What a shame!

We can say the Russian interference with our elections is a hoax, but when people are questioned, from Bannon, AG Sessions, Manafort, Flyn, Don Jr, Kelly con-way, Twhitler, and so on about meeting Russians, no matter what, and they lied under oath or under a written statement, prison time should be the recipe for them.


I haven’t even heard of this place until now…


Here, a sad testimony of those who were destroyed by your president. Disregard the politic tone, whatever is there is a testimony of people being hurt by this megalomaniac guy. This is among the hundreds of scenarios played for you to see before making an informed decision, from women being touched on their intimate parts, to the insults of “blood coming out of somewhere”, mocking a handicapped person, to unpaid bills, destroying people for criticizing him, etc.

Just admit it, you made a fool decision. Nothing has been working in this administration. The fools in charge of the government departments are an insult to intelligence.

DeVos? A know nothing on education. Owner of a company dealing with student loans. Making laws to favore her company.

Perry? That was the favorite clown during the debates during 2 presidential campaigns. He couldn’t remember the 3 branches of government. Nice pick!

Carson? Geesus! The guy collecting bottles from my recycling bin would do a better job.

Ivanka? What a shoe/bag designer is doing representing us during the G20 summit? Why is she present when foreign dignitaries are coming to the white house? Was she elected for the job?

Bannon? A white nationalist, racist, wanting to destroy the country?

Flynn? A foreign agent?

Manafort? Another foreign agent handling classified information?

Kushner? Another guy not elected representing the US in situations that not even the vice president is invited?

Don aka Dumb Jr? Why are these people running businesses from within the white house?

Anybody being an immigrant on this forum should be ashamed of voting for this danger to society fool and vulgar president. Yes, you, you voted for a vulgar president, so don’t be mad if I use vulgar words.

You approved of bullying on women, minorities and the press. That’s what you voted for. Period!


45 minutes that show you the corrupt and shady past of Twhitler business partners from Russia. This president is selling the US to the Russian mafia. Up to his knuckles in debt with the Russians.