Very Embarrassing Ladies


Also, way to call out Trump’s behavior towards women and tell women they’re embarrassing :slight_smile:


Also, CA decided offenders of these “non-violent” crimes should be paroled earlier and not serve full sentence. This is a straight up assault on women.


Sorry, but that ship went down with Bill Clinton, if not much earlier like John F Kennedy. For many years, people have been told that what politicians do and believe in private should be ignored and character isn’t really important, judge them on their policy and what they do in the office, and that’s how we got to this election.

I would love to think that an upshot of this election is that people would learn that character matters, but I think moral relativism has pervaded America badly enough that people don’t know what character and honor are anymore. I have a sense that reality TV are not helping–bringing people to new lows in entertainment.


I voted for Trump, so what? I supported him from Day 1 when I found out his opponent was Hillary.


I don’t think so; political resumes don’t mean much to me. I am sure a lot of women feel the same way I do.


Agreed, but how can one say he was essentially more qualified when he never disclosed specifically what he would do on various issues? Let’s not mention his bankruptcies… I mean, were we supposed to blindly vote for him and just hope for the best? That is not exactly doing your constituents right, is it?


It is extremely amusing to me that I represent the exact same stereotype that the media thought would not vote for Trump (millennial + woman). Goes to show how they got this completely wrong.


I don’t get offended one bit from the crazy stuff that came out of Trump’s foul mouth. I only care about results, not the process. I think the common sense required to run this country coming from a businessman is more trustworthy than a politician. That is all.


Exactly my thoughts.


The media was always there to push for Hillary. The wikileaks emails are pretty clear on that. That narrative was pushed so that you felt like you shouldn’t vote for him, and between that and saying the polls were down for Trump (which also discourages Trump voters from turning out if they think it’s useless), they ran a pretty powerful game for Hillary.

I can’t vouch for it because I didn’t see the original page, but there are claims that reuters displayed and then removed polls from I think both this weekend and Monday showing the % voting for HIllary’s was starting to go down and then had gone lower than Trump. Again, part of a swaying tactic not to let people know there is doubt because you want them to think they are in the minority.


Obama never said what he’d do either. He ran on hope and change. The key to being electable is identify the right issues. Then say you’ll fix them without being specific. If you say how, you’ll instantly start alienating voters who don’t like your how. Most people agree on the issues, but they vary greatly on how to solve them. It’s exactly how I’d campaign.


The real message to children is this:

Strive to be a billionaire first. Then, when you have free time run for president even though there are tons of obstacles along the way to make this country a better place. Build your perseverance.


I can’t remember if I posted this in this forum yet:


I’m getting really tired of people talking about Trump’s groping habits and women degradation. It’s unbelievable that people just take things at face value. Verbal insults don’t mean a thing to me. And which billionaire isn’t a playboy? What kind of bird doesn’t eat worms?

Canada is a wonderful country. I thought about moving there several years ago. Talk about immigration to Canada during the Obama administration…


Sorry, Millenial women did not vote for Trump.

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton won the female vote 54%-42%
Among voters 18 to 29, Clinton defeated Trump 55%-37%.


I know I voted. Are you trying to say I am not millennial and not woman :slight_smile:


I’m saying your vote does not represent the way majority millenial women voted. :slight_smile:

Adding your quote below:

Media did not get it wrong. Millenial women in majority did NOT vote for Trump. :slight_smile: . You voted differently from how the majority of them voted, hence your individual voting pattern does not represent their voting pattern.


Uh, too late (my chubby little fingers couldn’t type fast enough) …our fair lil @harriet is a special millennial… were you not on the email distribution list @Roy321? :wink:


Not a female! :slight_smile:

Gosh I thought my comments were soo manly!! :astonished: :slight_smile:


I said on this forum a month ago that it was shocking to me that despite all the Hillary promotions and trashy news on Trump via all media outlets that she was still not dominating the polls, hence why I never believed she would win landslide.