Wanna Get Away From Trump? New Zealand!

They want to go there and become a shepherd? There’re more sheeps there than people.

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Wow, a whole 2,000 people…

I want to know when all the people wanting socialism in the US are going to move to socialist countries.

Baa!!! Baa!!!

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Peter Thiel - Trump supporter - Not a socialist.

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Come on, this cat was complaining about the rents being too damn high in SV and Bay Area for the employees of his startups. Well, he can build apartment buildings and become one of us if wanted to and charge them really low rents… Capitalism comes in many shapes and sizes, Peter!!!

You know there’d be people that’d complain about that. They’d say it makes employees indentured servants of the company. Employees are unable to quit, because they can’t afford market rent and would be homeless without their job.

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New Zealand real estate is the best in the last 38 years, up 20x. Way better than BA.

What’s the next New Zealand? It’s too expensive now.

Billionaires are now banned from buying New Zealand homes

Auckland home price doubled in 2017. Wow!

Is it very hard to import building material to the island?

“Problems include home prices increasing more than 60 percent since 2017, record numbers of immigrants landing in the country and lagging home construction. In Auckland, average house prices have doubled to $730,000”

I plan to visit and possibly buy in Auckland, haven’t got the time to visit and the price has rocketed so much.
I heard Auckland is the best place on the Earth to live. Is like paradise. Good thing about New Zealand is very near to Singapore too :slight_smile:

Auckland has been a paradise for hundred years. Why did the price double in a year now?

New Zealand is a very remote place. In the past they only ship criminals there. Move at your own risk.

My parents got there dream home in 1961. The seller panicked during the Cuban Missile crisis. Gave the house away. Was back in 6 months from Australia. Kiwis laugh at Americans. We are soft urbanites that Kiwis think won’t last in their rural world.

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Long ago doesn’t matter anymore. Many places used to be for criminals e.g. Guangzhou and Hong Kong.

Auckland is 世外桃园

https://www.globalpropertyguide.com/Pacific/New-Zealand/Price-History it says very different things?

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You’re already living in it. Silicon Valley used to be called “Valley of the heart’s delight” due to its abundance of orchid and fruit farms.

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No wonder New Zealand is popular… (no hate emails please, just kidding ladies…)

Umm, if someone falls for that…

“The Herald reported that the woman began suspecting a ruse because the emails referred to the man by a nickname he only ever called himself and because he was the only person to benefit from the arrangement.”

Wow, that’s when she thought it was suspicious?

What should be the translation?

Google translation 心中的喜悦之谷 is too simple. Any scholarly suggestion?


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