Wanna Get Away?

The usual suspects mentioned (Vancouver, Singapore), but Austria???

SF came in highest for US…at the magic 28th place no less…See, @User4, SF ain’t overrated…:grin:

I’ve heard good things about Vienna, so Austria is no surprise.

SF is overrated according to the author in the sense that you think SF is Ferrari when according to this article Vienna is the real deal. Everything’s relative.

For me, only if there is a Chinatown…:grin:

My favorite in Europe would be Munich. …Altough Croatia has some great places to live too and much cheaper. …

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Unless I get it wrong, isn’t it SF rated the highest place in the US for Least Desirable list? Unless this was sarcasm that I didn’t notice :slight_smile:

I saw that too but I think the Least Desirable header was just placed incorrectly (should have been lower). Either that, or a few of our anti-SF posters like @harriet or @User4 did it to get me all riled up…:grin:

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I’m not anti-SF. SF just doesn’t appeal to me much (aka I don’t rate it as the number one city in the world like you do).

Uh, correction, I don’t recall saying the world, US probably… I can easily be swayed to go to say Sydney or Vancouver sounds like…

Here was what you said: “…when you are driving a Ferrari from birth, nothing else matters. (you may quote me on that)”. That to me sounded like no other cities outside of SF can compare, but I am glad to hear you are more open minded now.

Come on @harriet, from seeing all my posts I would like to think you know when I am kidding to being dead serious… I have always said SF has warts no?

Was hanging out with a Vancouver native in Cabo…He says Vancouver is highly overated…much prefers Cabo. .and now is a dual Mexican/Canadian citizen…In fact almost everyone I met there was a BC native…the weather is too crappy for most retirees…of course a lot end up in Arizona or Socal also…And BC is the most livable part of Canada. …

Aah yes, the grass is not always greener, eh??? Well, our very own @myo moved from paradise to the Bay Area…was that a level move?:slight_smile:

Who knows, maybe you were hallucinating from the overdose of those chicken wing sauce at San Tung…

Yea, weather is the issue for Vancouver. Weather is mild (and yes the most livable part of Canda), we get snow one week maximum per year, but a lot of rains and worse a lot of gray days. Other than that we love the city and people.

Just like if you want to be an actor, you go to Hollywood, and being in the Software, we came to Bay Area. We miss laid back lifestyle time to time, but we love sun shine and Burmese food here.

@myo give us some pointers on Burmese restaurants.

Not to beat a dead horse, but if SF has a rating of 28 but should only be 30, it is technically overrated.

The list is for those seeking refuge from the new president elect, making SF county a top choice…
Ah ha!
(however, SF might still be qualified as overrated, as smatterings of Trump voters were recorded in the Sunset District)

Sunset is overrated. SF is fine. :smiling_imp:

Uh, 28th out of 440 cities around the world is overrated…ok. Did you graduate 28th or higher out of your college class, @User4? If you did, good for you! If you didn’t, well, you said it…:wink:

The study of 440 cities evaluated standards of safety, health, schools, recreation, environment, public services and consumer goods.

Hey @myo,

My sis in law is Burmese, and one of her sisters opened this up in Corte Madera to wow reviews. People lining out the door before opening. Dare I say it, the hoi sen sauce spare ribs are just as good as those San Tung chicken wings!!! Melts off the bone. Now, check the menu as this was a special appetizer at that time when we took over the small place for my nephew’s grad party, but I suspect she understands what a gold mine food item she has produced and is hopefully offering it as a regular menu item. It was quite good.

Why up there? Well, she knows the area really well and why not take advantage of the fairly high income levels of the area and people there can afford to eat out every day. Less competition too makes it easy to ramp up. Seems to be working out quite nicely. I am willing to invest in an outpost down here somewhere if she wants to expand…

Obviously a tad far from the South Bay, but if you are in the neighborhood I would check out.