We Are in Bear Market




Recession to be in 2018, then 2019 and now 2020. Eventually these economists would be right. Can I be an economist too :wink:


Absolutely right. These guys have no clue compared to any of us. It just takes a policy decision from the government to change these forecasts.


Free info(on cnbc, ft,wsj) is free i.e. cheap. Get a paid advice/newletter. There is a reason the rich always get alerted early.


FT and WSJ are subscription basis, right? I subscribed to wsj, but where is the newsletter?


Doesn’t it look like Netflix has no support until $200 or so? :scream:


Yes. In '87 stocks fell what would today be the equivalent of 10,000 points in a single week. In '88 GDP grew 4%.


Good to know. Got only 6 shares. Would wait for $200 to accumulate.


And its RSI is still above 30. Interesting… :scream:


I meant investing/investment newsletters by top investment professionals. WSJ Ft are financial newspapers.


Let’s hope it isn’t like 1975. That recession hurt me the most. Was just starting in the job market. BA unemployment was 10%

I predicted the 2017 recession. So maybe it will happen in 2019.


Don’t think there’s going to be a recession in the next few years unless Trump fucked it up big time.


He already did when he appointed Powell. Powell is the reason for all the stock market losses. Seems that Powell is going to raise rates and laugh at turmoil in the stock market and the housing market



Where’s Yellen when you needed her… :laughing:


Yellen May do the same to get rid of Trump :rofl:


Oh yeah Trump is fucking us alright. :smile:


Literally??? :rofl:


He is enjoying.


Growth is being driven by the alphabet soup of agencies - Interior, Labor, EPA, etc. getting off of America’s back. The rest of what Trump has done is irrelevant. Even China is irrelevant. The sum total of ALL our exports of good and services to China isn’t even 1% of GDP.