We Are in Bear Market


Futures in deep red and Asia is a bloodbath. Thanks for nothing trump!


You heard this ?



Yes, that’s another Trump shitbomb. When can we have one peaceful day? Is that too much to ask?


What are the tariffs and when do they go into effect? TV ads are pushing products to buy now before tariffs.


IIRC, 10% tariff is already effective from Sep 23rd (or 26th) 2018 onwards for many items manufactured (country of origin=China).

Trump asked the 10% to increase 25% from Jan 1, 2019, but after recent talks he put a hold on increase (i.e. only 10% tariff remains in force).

Rest there is no additional tariff and I hope there won’t be any further tariff.

I think ad is irrelevant now as Trump stopped further increase.


10% currently for $200B
To be taken to 25% for $200B

Plus add 10% to remaining 300B if needed
Hike it to 25% to make 25% for all 500B imports, if needed.

Lots of space left for negotiations as I see it.


Well done, Trump.


How is this Trumps fault? The guy agreed to a 90 days extension. Stocks were up 800 points. Remember! That was 2 days ago…


Well, he started the whole stupid tradewar to begin with…


Didn’t US market touched new highs after that?


When faced with these kinds of observations, I like to listen to songs like Janet Jackson’s “What Have you Done for Me Lately” :rofl::rofl::rofl::joy:



Trump’s response, don’t stop 'til you got enough :man_dancing:


People forget that Bernie and even Schumer support tariffs. China needs to stopped from dumping, stealing trade secrets and violating copyrights. Looks like investors will suffer but China needs to play by international rules of fair play.


It’s not China’s fault. It’s because America sabotaged China for nearly 100 years with a very unfair open door policy. China remembered this insult and is doing what it can to get even. This is karma biting back.


Since when do we look up to Bernie for sound economic policy? Tariff is bad, no matter who supports it.

Too much of this which side supports which partisan thinking. If logic dictates something is bad, then it’s bad, doesn’t matter who supports or doesn’t support.


Did you not watch any financial news the last two days? How about the Huawei news couple hours ago?

Trump just fed huge chaos and uncertainty to the market. He just treats the whole world as his god damn reality show. Uncertainty and suspense is cool for a show, but is a huge problem for every business around the world.


how are you connecting Huawei CFO arrest with Trump?


Trump admin. The buck stops with the president. If he didn’t know about it he’s simply incompetent.


Well, he IS incompetent…