We Are in Bear Market


When market goes up, every investor is a genius and and Trump is bad. When it goes down, every investor is still a genius and Trump is still bad.


Because Trump is always bad. Maybe the dumbest president ever. :smile:


How much did you make in Obama years?


Your performance has less to do with who’s the president and more to do with your own behavior.


He’s lucky that he has Trump to blame now. This can save his ego tremendously


Who? Manch? I think he did well though. Didn’t he say he made more than 500% last year?


Yeah. 500% was impressive. What’s the year to date performance number?


Let’s forget about this year… :rofl:


Flat 1/1/18 to 12/4/18



You only need a brain to see how awful Trump has been. No money needed. :smile:


The worst is not over. Trump will continue to destroy your investment




2009, 2010, and 2011 were good years to buy.


2007 was preceded by three 0’s. 2018 was preceded by only one 0. Only 1/3 the intensity.


So next year instead of 41 we will have 14 2% down days? :scream:


Perhaps… :laughing:


That sets up a battle between those who want a deal and those who would rather see China shed the title of global superpower, Cramer said.

"The president seems to actually enjoy these face-offs. They’ve become his style. The White House is the Thunderdome: two policies enter, one policy leaves," the “Mad Money” host said. “But the markets crave certainty, which means they hate this kind of master-blaster, Mad Max confrontation.”

As a result, professional money managers — whose jobs call for predicting how certain policies will impact their investments — “feel like they’ve been had,” Cramer said.

"This is not some reality show, for heaven’s sake. It’s real life: real jobs on the line, [a] real economy at stake. While the president had a huge hit with ‘The Apprentice,

governing the most powerful nation on earth is more serious than going to the top floor to learn who’s been fired," he said.



Out to destroy the economy.

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From now to till Dec 31, 2018 is a fun ride for all the stocks. If FED adds 0.25, we may even have fun extended to January two weeks.