We Are in Bear Market


That’s the previously negotiated deal we struck in WTO. Sure, you can argue we need to update that. But the way Trump goes about it is counterproductive at the least, and does great harm to our economy at the worst.

If Trump wants to strike a deal with the Chinese, sit down at the table and negotiate like adults. And show some good faith. Stop all these side shows arresting a Chinese company’s CFO, and stop freaking market out with double talks and sowing fears and uncertainty. Can you imagine the uproar in America if China arrests Tim Cook?


Please remember me when China wants to arrest him. I will leak the info for TC to escape :slight_smile:


He has. They already agreed to loosen the JV rules over the next 5 years for automakers. It’s just hitting them with tariffs is the only leverage we have to force negotiations. He’s mentioned IP theft a bunch of times.


Dude. China has a historical score to settle with EVERYONE. :roll_eyes:

To China —- Merry Xmas
Love, your friend aalj.


And let’s not forget the steel and aluminum tariffs is on the book, for no obvious strategic reason. That’s harming pretty much every American company that uses steel. It doesn’t even do steel manufacturers any good as their stocks are now in the toilet.


We will have to see what the end result is. Without tariffs, there was no reason for China to even sit down to negotiate. They literally had all the leverage. If you have all the leverage, you don’t negotiate. You maintain the status quo.


When the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.
In trumpland anyways…


China especially likes to settle scores with race traitors. So be careful.


Heh. F*ck ‘em. They are thin skinned you-know-whats. Being the world’s #1 most aggrieved country and reminding everyone of it:

  1. shows lack of self confidence and self respect
  2. is equally as bad as all those left wing social justice warriors


I think the Japanese killed 20m Chinese in the 30s and 40s. America has always had a good relationship with China. All this talk of war is pretty off base. Japan and Chinese relations exist. American interests and Chinese relations can exist too


The CCCP uses its population like sheep —- it stirs the sheeps’ passions and stokes resentment against the Japanese for WW2 when it needs a common enemy to rail against to distract from some other issue. And all the dumb sheep blindly follow …

Not unlike Trump demonizing migrant caravans…


Let me remind you tomorrow 6:30 AM PST - see you all crying with market reaction :joy:


Maybe market can reverse course and turn positive by end of day? :thinking:

I’ll make sure I don’t wake up util 12pm… :rofl:


As bad as Trump is, Pence is actually 10x worse. That guy is a fundamentalist lunatic. He just gave me the chills. Pure evil.

I for one don’t want to have Trump impeached. Much better to have him destroy GOP from within.


China also made plenty of unforced errors. Xi’s loud talk about rise of China just freaks America out. You don’t broadcast you will beat the sitting big bully. You just go do it stealthily. Huge, gigantic mistake.


Trump will not be impeached and has no Republican opposition. In fact there isn’t one Democrat that can beat him in 2020. Let Harris and Warren run. They will lose.


Trump is extraordinarily unpopular. Just because of his freak win over an even more unpopular opponent everyone thinks he’s invincible. His approval rating never got above 50%. The first president with that poor a rating since modern polling began.

In fact he just tweeted some hack poll from Rasmussen today saying he finally cracked 50%. Pathetic.

That’s when the economy is doing well and unemployment at decade low. What will his rating be if economy slows down, or even goes into recession?


Maybe he’s talking loudly because the war has already been won? :scream:


Nah. Dream on. America is still the reining king.


Don’t be so confident. China already overtook America by one measure: