We Are in Bear Market


China also has 4x population compared to US.

Can we just get along? :pray: Enough with all this superpower fights. I just want to make some :moneybag: thank you very much… :cry:


My brother is a smart guy; he already went back to China to dig his new pot of gold.

I’m a lazy person; I like to stay here resting on my laurels… :sleeping:



Rasmussen was the most the #1 or #2 most accurate poll on the 2016 election depending on if you measure popular or electoral vote. It’s pretty funny you call the org proven to be highly accurate a hack. Didn’t the 2016 election teach you that most polls produce left leaning results? That’s not surprising since the media is run my liberals. Trump has higher approval than Obama did at the same point in his presidency.

Also, the guy can still fill arenas and have an over flow crowd outside. Hillary and Bill are on tour right now. They can’t fill arenas. They sell about 3,000 tickets. They ended up discounting tickets to less than $10 each and buy one get one free. Of course, that’s happening in a vacuum with almost no coverage.


Stick with RE. Stocks are risky and have too many macro issues like politics and trade wars that you have no control over.


Rasmussen said GOP will hold the House. It lost by 9 points.




What to buy when the blood is finally in the streets? BRK.A/B?

I’m largely a disciple of Elt1’s philosophy of sticking w RE for predictability’s sake, but cannot resist a good deal. Only question is … is it a good deal yet? :wink:


Still looking like a falling knife. Need total capitulation… not yet.


Even the liberal press thinks Trump in unbeatable


Anyone who really believes it’s the end of the world can go short or buy puts. If they really believe Trump is a disaster that will ruin the stock market, then they can get rich of they are right.


Today market volatility will go off when Congress votes for finance to avoid government shutdown due tomorrow!


I try and think longer term … I don’t know if Trump is a disaster and will ruin the stock market … but I do think Trump is a disaster and will ruin the American BRAND.

The American BRAND is what help attracts capital and talent to come to this country … and that helps us beat players like China, because China has a weak brand.


I already pointed out a chance for a good deal when I asked people to join me and buy Tsla at $275.

You RE diehards are too chicken little about stocks. Even though I own lots of rentals, stocks have always given me the biggest and best returns.


The brand isn’t about who’s President. We’ve had Presidents that were disasters. We’ve had very inexperienced Presidents. The brand remained fine.


Trump is not a brand, is very American. His behavior is typical of an American. Your perception of an American is more likely that of a Californian or a New Yorker.


I agree that the brand isn’t about who is president. I do think, however, that the president has the ability to affect others’ perception on certain qualities of what the American brand is supposed to represent - equal opportunity, government ethical transparency, reliability wrt allies, and moral clarity.

Note that the US doesn’t always execute well on these brand qualities, but the US tries to push these qualities as our brand’s strengths. That’s what attracts capital and talent.

Trump I think is quite damaging to the American brand, and our brand will suffer long after he has passed.


Trump is representative of how Americans want to act on the world stage. He is doing what most Americans want him to do. So in fact it is Americans destroying the American brand.


Not sure what bragging has to do with anything, but ok. :wink:


Has to do with helping you to see the light in stocks.