What About This Stock?

Since a lot of you like to discuss stocks (on a real estate forum), how about a thread for emerging company stocks that we think might have legs? Here ya go, something I saw this morning…

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What about this sock?


Are their factories still union? I remember when Delphi, Visteon, and Dana were all spunoff. I was at Ford when Visteon happened. They weren’t even close to cost competitive with other suppliers. I’m wondering if that’s changed.

No love for Under Armour? Stock bombed on Tuesday and hasn’t recovered. Curry no longer the golden boy he used to be?

The reality is that if you look at the actual product, Under Armour is just ok. The fact is, Nike is really good at designing shoes and clothing lines. Recently, UA made the most ugly shoe for Steph that it was roasted on the internet. As you may know, Klay Thompson has a shoe deal with Antha, a chinese shoe company. I hear he plans to leave and probably go back to Nike. At the end of the day, Nike is just too dominant in that space.

Right, under armour is just an incredibly cheap (to manufacture) fabric marketed as special. It’s not like goretex where they have a patent – anyone can copy their fabric and design. So why is it so expensive? You pay for marketing.

That’s not to say the product is bad… they just have very little “moat”

Now to be fair, I just purchased a new pair of Asics running shoes. Fairly top of the line (almost $200) yet kinda cheaply made and def not as well made as my older version of the same model shoe. Nike, same thing. Keep in mind that at least before you got real leather on most of the shoe. Not anymore.

Never liked any of Under Armour’s products. Get Brooks for running shoes.

For men,

Nike for sneakers,
Salvatore Ferragamo for leather shoes.

Which brand is the best for breathable sneakers? Some shoes does not allow air exchange and make people’s feet uncomfortable.

I have not tried Brooks or New Balance but the Asics running shoes have been great for me. I used to have various pain from running too much at the gym using other shoes like Nike (tends to be too narrow for me) but have not had any issues ever since I switched over. I am sure the more running specific brands like the Brooks and New Balance are pretty good but I just haven’t had a reason or need to try them.

You tried those gorilla shoes?

Love New balance

I stay away from overseas company, mostly focus on US companies.

I set some of the rules for my self

  1. Sales Growth positive
  2. Gross Margin more than 20%
  3. Operating Margin greater than zero
  4. Net profit greater than zero
  5. Average volume over 100k

Other preferred rules are P/E less than 50 and PEG under 3 and RSI less than 50%.

There are few exception to these rules like AMZN, NFLX and TSLA…etc

Emerging company, unless you are sure about their future, there is no point of buying them.



This is nice one, I already own QCOM when it was Dipped. I have also tipped form members. Similar to this, I have BA (boeing), LMT, OHI, AAPL and CSCO for dividend income.

Thanks, @Jil. Some of the boys are pounding their chests over on the “Stocks vs Real Estate” thread… we may need some of your input…:slight_smile:

Good time to buy manch!!! Thanks for the tip. :slight_smile:

Forgive my ignorance, but what’s the difference between UA (Class C Under Armour) and UAA (Class A Under Armour) stock?

Voting rights. More and more companies are doing it.

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