What ever happened to beyond meat?

Life is all about living – the spirit to live & reproduce is what advances the nature. Of course it involves various activities that are relevant to survival of the species. Nature has its own ways to establish the balances.



Nothing is more important than pro-creation and continuation of the species.

Survival of the fittest. Every species evolve. If the evolution is not appropriate, they will die off… crudely put, eliminated by nature. That is, species don’t adapt to changes in environment, evolution is random, if not suitable for the changes, they die.

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As usual, the first solution is often sub optimal. It’s the later solutions that actually solve the problem.

I blame veganism on Walt Disney. His anthropomorphic cartoons convinced kids for generations that animals are just people in funny costumes.

Is eating plant-based meat same concept as vaping?

Didn’t get you? What’s the relation between vaping and plant based?

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E-cigarettes are not real cigarettes and are more healthier than real cigarettes :smirk:

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now I got it :slight_smile: looks like it but we need more studies

Sure. With all those additives.
If a smoker really cares about being health conscious with their habit there are additive-free cigarettes that are just tobacco and water.

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I am sticking with steak and lobster …

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Apparently the e-cigs are in fact better, because there are fewer toxic chemicals. I don’t think that the same can necessarily be said about plant-based meat. There are some chemicals that haven’t been tested for safety in some of them from what I understand.