What Is Going On With The Saudis?



If the evidence is true and confirmed, what is going on???


I’m sick of us giving them a free pass. They aren’t really an ally.


So, it is ok to go through with that big arms deal since it benefits our economy or do we stand by principle and say no deal?


Personally, I’d say no. The middle east is complex though.


We are the no1 oil producer in the world. Not Saudi. I call this bullshit. You want to play hardball? Let’s play hardball.


Time to buy oil stocks.


One more reason for market to tank on Monday. :scream:


Nothing will happen. MBS has Kushner ‘in his pocket.’


Kushner will of course care about his own benefit.


Middle east is a mess, yup. But saudis cannot be alies, we just need to control their desires. If you leave them on their own, they will prep their own end, but it might mean more trouble in the region.


Who has condemned them?


Everyone on both sides but Trump. “It sounded to me like maybe these could have been rogue killers — who knows,” Mr. Trump said.

Appears the Saudis have even more on him than Putin.


rouge state agents. i am sure someone rouge from the fbi of saudi arabia did this.


Come on, I thought the evidence was fairly damning. Why is it taking so long? I did read that the Turkish Gov’t didn’t really want to release the evidence since it would expose how they essentially spy on folks but come on. At the end of the day, how can the Saudi’s prove he left the Consulate on his own? They can’t.


There are $110 B in arms contracts on the line. Sometimes $s are more important than pesky ‘facts.’


Neither party has stood up to them and called them out. Every president maintains the status quo that they are a valued ally.


The $110B number is an amalgamation of existing deals that were signed years ago and letters of intent and new purchases. I assume (considering not all letters of intent will turn to final purchases and using a typical rule of thumb on size of funnel converting to sales and subtracting stuff that is already being fulfilled) you probably have $10B - $20B on the table. It’s a drop in the bucket for an economy of our size and should not be a blocker from us doing the right thing.

Also the military wastes that much or more in a single weekend. E.g. we just lost 9.1% of all our F-22 airframes ($300M a pop) when Hurricane Michael took out the airforce base in Florida… I am sure replacing all those airframes will more then cover a shortfall from Saudi arms sales.


Soo, that $110B number is essentially fake news??? Bettter tell The Donald…


But it will be a blocker to Trump doing the wrong thing: to destroy Iran.


Looks like the Saudis will admit yes, they killed the guy, but it was the work of some rouge agents. They wanted to interrogate the guy but killed him by accident. Funny they happened to have a guy to dismember him and destroyed all evidences…