What Is Going On With The Saudis?



yes it’s fake news or alternative facts or whatever people use.


True US wont be impacted but everyone else would be and that will affect US as most countries will be spending most of their money on oil leaving little aside to do anything else. It will enrich Russia and Saudis but its just bad for the world economy especially developing countries.

Oil touching 200/b can lead to global recession.


Saudis are our allies. We cant do without them. They cant do without us. Its a very unique relationship.


coming back to the thread. My estimate was pretty accurate. LOAs have only been signed for $14.5B. and even that might drop if some of these deals don’t finalize.


More Khashoggi-MBS links revealed as suspected killer dies in ‘suspicious car accident’ - Middle East News - Haaretz.com


I want to know what’s going in here. Turkey is making some HUGE accusations, but I saw they still haven’t shared any evidence with the US. Why are they waiting to share the evidence they have? What’s also weird is there’s still no body. This better not be another Iraq WMD that leads us into a war over fake news.


Give it up man!
Stop defending the indefensible!

You are lost on this topic. Haven’t you noticed that?

We have a so tough president bowing, literally bowing to the Saudis. Now, I will give him some credit, something I wouldn’t do in my life time, but he said something about the consequences would be very bad, bad, very bad, something we didn’t hear in Helsinki when he kissed Putin’s arse while throwing our security agencies under the bus.

We are being attacked, and our president is what? Going to play golf tomorrow. Or spending $400,000 in yet another rally. Aren’t we needing money for our elders? Jesus!


You can read here, nowhere you can read anything like “and there will be punishment” at all. So much kissing…

“We’re all going to get to see the response the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia takes with this,” Pompeo said. “All of us will get a chance to make the determination… whether it’s fair and transparent in the way they made a personal commitment to me and the Crown Prince made a personal commitment to the president when he spoke to him the night before last.”

Pompeo’s comments also come amid ongoing speculation that Turkey may have audio tapes that reveal what happened to Khashoggi, a Saudi journalist and royal insider who has been missing for over two weeks after entering the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

Pompeo met with Turkish President Erdogan and Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavusoglu Wednesday but refused to express any doubt or skepticism about the legitimacy of a Saudi investigation into Khashoggi’s disappearance.

Following that meeting, Trump stressed that his earlier comments about Saudi Arabia’s denials of any involvement in Khashoggi’s disappearance were not an attempt to give the oil-rich ally cover.

“No not at all, I just want to find out what’s happening,” Trump told reporters.


I guess some people are war mongers and would rather invade a country without doing an actual investigation and getting facts first. I can’t imagine how that’d ever go wrong.


The Turks seem to want something here. They’re holding off on releasing the evidence as long as they can to see what the Saudis offer. Plus the surveillance was a violation of international law. That’s why they tried to make up a story about Khashoggi’s iwatch. I’m still 99% the Saudis did it. Come on, why else would you send 15 thugs on a private jet the day of including a dude with a bone saw.


Pretty obvious what happened to the body. Went in a blender then either fed to the fishes or poured down the drain.


What do they want though? I doubt we are getting the whole story. How does a consulate visit turn into a murder? That would be one of the dumbest places to murder someone.


Whatever they can get. Evidence is being held ransom and will be released to highest bidder.


I don’t get how the Saudis are our ally. Their brand of Islam is what fuels the terrorists. Their war in Yemen is killing thousands upon thousands of innocent people.


Looks to me the Turks, the Saudis and Trump are just trying to whitewash the whole thing. The Turks may get something in return for not causing too much of a ruckus. They could easily say they can’t find anything and that’s it. And both the Saudis and Trump can climb down.

For the right price the Turks can say whatever is needed.


Weird thing is though, turkey’s president is very pro-arab. maybe he’s extracting some benefits/personal benefits, or maybe he’s trying to look nice to us.


Saudis were never an ally.


Frankly I like the Iranians much more.


History. Iran was a pretty good place (or so i hear from internet) until 70s. Thanks partially to USA, this changed for much worse.



What nationality were the pilots on 9/11/?