What Is Going On With The Saudis?



I mean… picking two people and extrapolating is rarely useful, but sure, there are other reasons to show they are not allies.


A quick google search says 15 out of the 19 terrorists on that day were citizens of SA


Not defending saudis, i don’t like them either, but what you are saying is practically akin to saying: “20 out of 20 school shooters in the united states are american citizens”. doesn’t give a lot of info.

If you go onto prove that they had saudi gov’t ties, then it’s different. I would also believe it, but it’s different.


This tragedy is basically Saudis killing another Saudi. It’s not Saudis killing Americans. He has been an insider in the Saudi political circle, and also a secret agent for Saudi, and has close ties to Bin Laden. He came here to work for Washington Post only one year ago.

The reason for his killing is not because of his job at WaPo. The reason is more about his betrayal of his country’s powerful class.

It’s curious that he went to the Saudi embassy in Turkey. Why not the Saudi embassy in US? Wouldn’t it feel safer here?

He told his fiancé that he might die in the embassy. What’s the point going there then?


Not if you were diligent enough to check to make sure you had total privacy. Are you going to just take the host county’s word that yeah nothing is going on? I would have expected dedicated 24/7 personnel that constantly monitors for bugs or cameras. This big mistake is why the Saudis are in trouble. They simply did not cover their tracks well. Rookies…


They wanted the journalist gone long ago. CIA intercepted phone calls luring him to Saudi to take care of him. Instead he showed up in the Turkey embassy. This looks like pre-planned deliberate gruesome murder. Not a surprise given there is a Chop-Chop Square in Saudi Arab.

We should wait for concrete proofpoints. But, once then are in, be ready for total boycott of Saudi Oil. They produce 18% of world’s oil, I’ll be willing to have Amish lifestyle for one day of the week. Dont sell any arm to them. Cut their access to US financials.

Saudi is root of all Islamic terror in the world and responsible for millions of deaths. Think everything from 9/11 to Kashmir to Syria.


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Again, you know, “GETTING FACTS FIRST” :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Now we produce more oil than the Saudis. I think our view of them as an ally comes from them allowing US military bases in their country. We outright lied to them about Iraq being on their border after the Kuwait invasion. They feared they were next, so they let us use their country as a base to attack Iraq. We literally doctored satellite photos and got busted on it when third party photos showed no Iraqi forces near the Saudi border.

@buyinghouse You seem to want to attribute stuff random people to do members where as if we’re the ones doing it. I don’t know why, but honestly it’s not worth responding to it.


Isnt this journalist part of Saudi political machine? He worked for Saudi all his life, is it not true? He left Saudi last year because he lost his battle on Saudi.

Do you think that Saudi is killing him because he is a WaPo journalist? It’s just an execution of their own member. I think it’s misleading to only report he’s a journalist and forget about his lifetime of work inside Saudi powers. He’s an insider, not an outsider.

Any murder is bad and this one is indeed disgusting. But we should know his lifetime career and know that this is not an attack on Americans. He is murdured due to his intimate knowledge as an insider and he became a risk to Saudi political establishment due to his knowledge.

There were many powerful people jailed in Saudi last year for political reasons. He managed to escape but be foolish enough to get back into the embassy. If I were him, I wouldn’t take the risk.

He could apply for political asylum and abandon his Saudi citizenship. But he may have political ambitions.

Some spy works for multiple sides. He took a lot of risk and made great contributions to Saudi Arabia. But unfortunately his own machine killed him.

US can use this incident to punish Saudi government if there’s benefit to US to do so. I think other countries have the same duty as US to protect human rights. Turkey has more to do with this than US.


In that case, is it much different than the US killing a US citizen with a targeted drone strike? We did that with no trial or due process to prove the person’s guilt. We’ve also inadvertently killed completely innocent Americans with our drone strikes. Who are we to condemn a country for killing it’s own citizen when we do the same?


What’s going with the Saudis on this forum?

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Come on, Donald, do something!!! Anything!!! Why is this story essentially being delayed to the point that it can slowly be then forgotten???


What should our response be? He was a Saudi citizen. Are we going to invade a country every time their government murders a citizen? That’s something that literally happens on a daily basis.


It is all about the narcissism of the news media. If the poor guy was not a journalist it would have been a non story. Jon Stewart has it right. Trump plays on the narcissist fears of the news media. As long as he attacks them they powerless. They are obsessed with the idea they are special. How dare he attack us?
The are sanctimonious idiots

They became celebrities like Brian Williams.
They think they are special. They think they can ask any obnoxious question that comes out of their ass and are shocked when people refuse to answer or attack them.

I mean obviously Trump is insane and has the IQ of 4 year old they think. Otherwise how come he does not kiss their ass … then they fall into his trap. News is a non issue. It is about their ego vs Trump.


Why hasn’t the UN chimed in? Or has it? To commit murder in a consulate philosophically is a big no no, no?


The UN is run by the third world. Justice is not on their plate. Only concern is trashing Israel and Western democracies.


The UN is pretty ineffective. I think killing a foreigner in a consulate would be a big deal. They killed one of their own citizens. While that might not be right, it literally happens every day. Are we going to respond every time it happens?


Look, the only reason why we haven’t responded is due to our ties to the Saudis for oil and the big weapons deal.


Ok, what’s an example of us doing something over a country killing a single one of their own citizens? We’ve sat on the sidelines while leaders kill hundreds or thousands.