What other income stream other than RealEstate & Stock?

I am just looking around on what are the other possibilities if you were to look for more income stream other than RE and Stock. Have any of you owned franchise, gas station, car wash, etc. I am looking for something that can be done semi-passive in diversifying as different income streams.

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If you have a full time job, isn’t it already super busy with rentals?

All these choices seem to be active businesses. Of course if you can find a good manager, you can be semi-passive, but probable not all the time.

where do you work at?

Yes, full time and busy with rental and 4 years old. I think trading our time for $$ in Silicon Valley is probably the best we can do right now. But I don’t plan to trade my time for W2 pay forever, hence have been thinking about these other income streams and putting some legged work. You can always learn, start a partnership with someone who has more time than you. Maybe I won’t make money today but probably set me up for better knowledge to scale when one of us doesn’t want to be in full time.

Peninsula :slight_smile:

If it were google, there’s a nice low-effort way to get more income. Won’t tell you though :slight_smile:

Through W2? I want outside of W2 though. Tell me more!

yeah outside of W2, wuqijun@ is doing flipping. Still RE, but not an investment, more as a business.

A person I know owns the onsite haircut business you’d see in most tech campuses, which i thought was genius.

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There are a surprising large number of dry cleaning shops. I always wonder how they manage to hang on for so long.

Also toyed with the idea of laundromats but didn’t pursue. Do you really need a person sitting there? Can you automate it away?

Why do you need a person?

To make sure the machines would still be there at the end of the day?

really? Just that? sounds like a security cage could do it nicely.

That’s why I am asking. If you can replace that person with security cameras or some other tech you can save a lot of money.

Flipping is time consuming, high intensity work. However, giving your money away to a flipper to do all the work for you requires no time. I would gladly do all the dirty work for anyone wishing to hand over cash… :smile:

Those are the exact idea I want to know and how to get started!

Another one ^

Depending on your network, you can always have access to folks who is looking for work trust worthy and cheap to be on your payroll.

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Heh let me tell a failed attempt of mine: I had an app automating price protection benefits (Where you buy something, if price drops, you get the diff back). It was about to release… until… banks dropped their price protection benefit. It was not gonna be a home run, but would let me easily leave my current job.

Worked on it some nights, and some sundays, from whatever energy i had left : )

The same person with onsite haircuts also looked into owning FEDEX/UPS routes. Apparently, they are franchised, and pretty much a monopoly.

Do people take their dirty laundry to work and have people wash and fold for them?

No. There’s noone to wash (at least not at google), you wash your own.
Dry cleaning is different.

You mean google has washing and drying machines on site?