What's your monthly amazon expenses?

I am working on a kick ass side project, and i am almost there (for the past couple months, trying to finish it). What’s your monthly spend on amazon and other online commerce sites (please put detailed break down based on online merchant - like amazon 100$ jet 80$ etc)

Hardly $100/month between Jan and Nov, but plenty last 2 months.

Answer: not enough. Everyone should spend more on Amazon :slight_smile:

How plenty? What do you buy?

Amazon: ~$12/month as I only buy a handful of accessories/useless junk totaling <$150/year. Don’t really use ecommerce for my day to day groceries/household items. Spent way more at Costco/Trader Joe’s/Sprouts.

$200/yr. Spend more than that /week at Costco.

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i must have picked the wrong forum :slight_smile:
@manch @wuqijun make these guys spend more, so your stocks soar!

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Per person spending on Amazon is much lower than Costco. But the number of Amazon customers is way more than Costco

I spend ~400/month at costco - i think. But nothing beats that 2$ hotdog. If it weren’t for wife, i would just get pizza and hotdog from there :stuck_out_tongue:

I spent more on Amazon in my college days, at least 3x more per year ($450/year on textbooks), so I helped fuel their growth back then, how’s that :slight_smile:

I also spent too much money at Costco… I need to cut down on groceries…

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Costco price and quality is way better than Amazon. If Costco has free a shipping, costco.com would become the #1 choice.

Amazon has too many options

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Did anybody buy arbitrary stuff from costco (vacation rentals, tires, etc)?

I bought stuff on costco.com before and they never charged me for ground shipping.

They are partners with shopping express.

So much for the break up amazon talk. It’s just a little company with a small market share of retail spending.

Tires? I always change tires from Costco, they have free rotation, free service/replacement ltd warranty …etc

Anything/item first we see (if avl) at costco, if not try to get outside like Homedepot or Amazon…etc

Tires, couch, flooring for entire house, other furniture, lamp shades, 1 vacation to maui, car rentals all from Costco.

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Costco sells necessities: food, toilet paper, paper towels, etc. So that business is always there. Costco also has some impulse buys, like Vitamix, Dyson fan, Roomba, etc. I assume Costco makes more from necessities, due to the volume.

On the other hand, Amazon sells mostly nice-to-have and impulse buys. I buy these crap, use them once or twice. They either break or I have no need to use them again. Then I realize that I should not buy any more crap from Amazon again. Examples are iPad stand, walkie talkie for camping, drain cleaner, iphone case, bath slippers, aero freesbie, and list goes on.

Then for necessities (food, pet food, household items), Amazon is not even cheap. Probably because shipping cost for these items makes Amazon not competitive. Only reason someone would buy from Amazon would be for convenience. But I go shopping at Costco, Target, Walmart regularly so I wouldn’t buy these necessities from Amazon.

With Amazon buying Wholefoods, I guess they are also trying to get into food and necessities, and fresh food delivery. But we never shop at Wholefoods, too pricey. So not sure how that will turn out.

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