When do you repaint the house?

So, I’ve noticed some paint peeling on the wooden trim and also the wooden beadboard (external). At what point do you decide to repaint the whole house rather than just touchup these areas?

I paint exterior every 10 years for termite prevention.

No fixed criteria for interior. However I repaint it so house look nicer with the floor and lightning.

Based on observations in Home Depot, whenever the wife gets bored of the colors and makes the husband paint.

When I moved in, I painted with Benjamin Moore paint, this is still looking fresh, 8 years over. Exterior, I did not paint so far, still good. I may be repainting most likely after 2 years both interior and exterior.

Sorry, to be clear, we’re talking external. I guess for internal, I’d paint when the walls look sufficiently scuffed up.

Paint exposed areas first. Southern exposed areas are the worst. Nurse it along as far as you can. Spend a lot of time looking for a reasonable painter. Their prices vary a lot.


how do you describe a reasonable painter? Can the labour available at the front of HomeDepot paint just as well? I have always seen paint job as a lot of taping and rolling and not much else.

I see it as labor intensive and boring, so I pay and pay for some1 to do it when I can afford to do so. Ofc, was my job before that.

Btw, although many paint are self-primed, still need to prime for certain type of surface and if the original paint is too dark.

I always wondered how some people are willing to pay 7000 for painting only interior of a 3br/2ba home ?

Interior, exterior or whole house?

Last year, I pay $4200 to re-paint all interior walls, ceilings, baseboards, doors, trims. Two coats. Price includes moving furniture and removal/re-installation of closet brackets/ racks.
About 10 years ago, is less than $3000.

Didn’t do any exterior recently.

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Buyinghouse would tell you that painting takes skill.

Apparently there is also some timing for painting the outside of the house as well–must let the outside dry before first coat if you wash it?

I would hire someone experienced for outside, but do the inside myself except that I have some areas that may require ladders because they’re 1.5 stories, and I’m not good with ladders right now.

I wouldn’t hire the Home Depot day workers for this unless you want a slop job. I’m pretty meticulous when it comes to getting paint right including spackling/sanding/taping up everything carefully.

Would you hire a designer to design the paint colors? One of my rentals has HOA and they have very elaborate paint schemes.

Uhmmmm. No? Honestly, I was going to go with the same colors as a house down the street that I really like the paint job for. Inside, we just do an off-white. I’m not into colored walls. I prefer the contrast of Hardwood furniture and an off-white wall.

I could see hiring a designer for a bathroom though. Kitchen maybe or maybe not–if I hire a designer, I want final say on the kitchen layout. I’m concerned hiring a designer would mean someone who is doing what my husband wants even though he’s not cooking. So I’m kinda protective of that process.

I’m sorry. I know I’m really bad at hiring professionals.


The in is to paint all interior surface the same color, satin sheen. Baseboards/ trims/ doors/ closet/ pantry is some kind of white that work with that color, satin sheen except for closet/ pantry, flat.

Off white is out. In is greige.

Major paint manufacturers have colorsnap to help you eg

No way! Gray doesn’t go with beautiful hardwood furniture. Gray’s probably only in because people have crappy modern furniture.

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Greige is not gray.

" A room that makes use of the color greige—a combination of gray and beige—probably isn’t your idea of chic, but Benjamin Moore Color & Design Expert Hannah Yeo deems the warm gray tone worthy of your attention."

So essentially a dirt colored gray.

Or a beige with gray undertones.

Alabaster that I show as an example is a greige.



Gray works with traditional decor too,


Is this your 4,000 ft mansion?

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Greige is a white with beige and gray undertones. So its look changes with the furniture, flooring and lighting. So can look white, look beige, look gray, look brownish gray, look grayish brown depends on the flooring, furniture and lighting.