When Does Virtual Staging Cross The Line To Be Misrepresentation?


For sure when the photos are stretched or furniture that is not the correct size ratio is put into the picture.

I’m pretty sure I posted one here where the photos had been stretched…

Here we go:

Looks like it got flipped–I didn’t even notice that.

See the fudged photos here:


Under this premise, who is going to be the first handsome guy to sue McDonald’s because the burgers they portray on TV are half the size you eat at their restaurants? :smiley:

Did you forget that to buy a car, you need to kick its tires? :wink:

As I said in another topic, stagers are brought to embellish, or disguise some concerns the sellers may have that will create a wrong impression on the house. Once the house is empty, believe me, you may not be able to recover the beauty of that house you bought, even if you had pictures.

So, besides flea, and termite infestations not disclosed, or anything regarding footage or undisclosed situations, pictures, stagers and whatnot are things used to augment the qualities of a home, qualities that are in the mind of the beholder.

This reminds me of the times when I was looking for the love of my life. Those Mrs. Universe weren’t that, and so was I the handsome guy in that picture that was 10 years old. But my wife bought it. :smile::laughing:

Here ya go…


KFC somehow finds the smallest chickens in existence…Chickens at the grocery store keep getting bigger. KFCs smaller and prices have doubled…8 piece chicken only bucket was $8 now $16…total rip off…I heard they make more per store than any other fast food joint

Funny thing you mention KFCs…in the city they have been closing down!!! The one in the Marina in Lombard closed down eons ago and one in the Sunset on Irving by 20th Ave. Not sure what is happening. I can’t believe it is all healthy eating conversion. Now, while I do like the occasional KFC like The Donald does, I prefer Popeye’s. Ain’t cheap either…

Popeyes is too dry…My Mom was from the South…KFC original is the closet to true southern country cooking…But consumers are not eating that kind of food like they used to…Even KFC accepted that by taking fried out of their name…their grilled chicken is horrible

Try Pollo Campero between 25th-26th on Mission in SF. You’ll love it!

Anyway, don’t landlords “misrepresent” their rental units too? Close to transportation they say, but it’s next to the hospital where you will be transported after being stabbed when leaving your no crime zone rental unit. :smile:

KFC has deep pockets…lawsuit magnet…What idiot judge would allow this frivolous suit???

We have a KFC near us. I like the taste, but always feel queazy after eating it. (I do like the grilled chicken) Kids like it a lot, and occasionally ask for it, but I tend to decline. Rather support Chipotle, food poisoning scares and all. The price isn’t all that different sadly.

RWC has great Mexican food like El Grullense
Why go to Chipotle?

They are actually advertising in the Muni station platforms. I thought I saw that name somewhere…

El grullense is ok, but the kids didn’t like it as much as Chipotle. I should probably try them again, but I was not super impressed the times I ate there. I was expecting something like Anna’s Taqueria in Boston, and it wasn’t quite up to expectations. Chipotle has pretty awesome guac and the prices are the same.

Chipotle is fake… nothing like Al pastor or carnitas at El Grullense… Karlitas and the one by Jack in the box are good too…

Chipotle is it’s own cuisine. It’s not “fake”, it’s American-Mexican. I’m fine with that.

I grew up with New Mexican food anyways–the Mexican food here is very different. I’ve come to recognize that each area has its own cuisine. The Mexican food here isn’t, in my opinion, as good as what I grew up with. I’ve yet to eat a taco that is as good as La Salita’s in Albuquerque. Nor to find anyone with Sopaipillas.

RWC Mexican food is mainly from michoacan

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I think New Mexico’s Mexican food is probably a blend of Navajo and Mexican, but I don’t know.

In short, don’t trust virtual staging :grinning: