Which Is Better: Richmond Or Sunset?

This debate has existed forever. Richmond or Sunset? The Sunset has certainly enjoyed some decent pricing gains lately with even the smallest SFH selling for 1M or more. It used to be that the Richmond (and I mean homes South of Geary, north of Geary with Lake Street of course is super prime) was always priced and considered better. With this development of a rapid train, will the Richmond regain its luster and rule over the Sunset once again?

I personally don’t go to the Richmond much since parking can be so bad. Yes, there are some good restaurants on Clement but I just hate parking there. To me, the Richmond is too far from the freeway and the houses and streets seem more narrow and densely packed than how the Sunset is. For now, the Sunset def has more street parking in general.


To me Richmond and Sunset both suck. :smile: But to be fair Richmond does suck more. Its housing stock is super old and tired. The ones in Sunset is a bit newer. There are way more multi-family in Richmond too. Walking there doesn’t feel very neighborly.

Richmond is more expensive, it must be more desirable.

Well, I am not sure about that (again, apples to apples and not north of Geary). Here is an example of a recently sold Richmond District home that is nice but honestly if it were in the Sunset it would probably sell for more, no?


I mean, my god, it is a 4 bedroom remodeled semi-Marina style home (yes kitchen cabinets look cheap) and has a separate inlaw yet it lingered on the market and only sold after markdowns. Yard is not impressive which may be why for sure. But I honestly believe you put this exact home in the Sunset it goes for higher.

Uh, oh, a price reduction in the Richmond!!! 24 is right…easy death!!!

I think my Mom told me about this Chinese superstition too, where you don’t buy a house that is lower in height than your both neighbors. Double whammy!!!

Rich is not as good as sunset? Always thought rich or sunrise is better.

Well, loosely, the Richmond always used to be considered better, period. Granted, it has some lofty neighborhoods nearby (Sea Cliff, Lake district) to kind of call its own. It has of course a lot of restaurants on Geary and Clement. But, honestly, over the years the Sunset or lil brother has grown up and can take Big Bro once in awhile now. Not completely, but we do see the occasional win…I cite the more open spaces/wider streets in some cases, more street parking, faster buses, and freeway access.

What freeway access? Ain’t no freeway in Sunset. Unless you count the bad old 19th.

Hello? Sunset Blvd? Or, if you are out that way, along the Beach on Great Highway (assuming still opened)

Central Richmond fixer goes for 561K over asking!!!

The pendulum swings back in favor of the Sunset!!!

Yeah I know, our pathetic Bored Of Stupidvisors will get greedy and do the same here in the Sunset…

Millbrae is better than both. I am more and more convinced Millbrae is undervalued.

This all-dolled-up 3/2 on the good side of El Camino just closed for 1.36M.

Then in that case I would say Walnut Creek is undervalued as compared to Millbrae… you get bigger and nicer home for much less!!!

Millbrae and Walnut Creek are not in the same league. Millbrae is in the heart of the peninsula and commute to the south bay is not that bad. WC is only doable for people who work in SF.

Well, in that case Millbrae is probably not in the same league as Richmond/Sunset…

Come on, same house in the Sunset and Richmond would be 1.5M or more.

Truth be told, I am considering Millbrae now as I just saw your flash post elsewhere. My Oakland appraisal came in way higher than I thought so I can easily go Millbrae in a sign and trade. San Bruno Hills homes I do like too though…

That’s why I said Millbrae is undervalued. Not too long ago Millbrae was considered more upscale than Sunset, maybe at the same level as Richmond. But the back-to-urban move is pushing SF prices much higher compared to suburbs. I think there is good chance we will see some sort of reversion to the mean…

Anyone recently bought in Millbrae? Manch?

My cousin did couple years ago. She bought it for $1.5M and it’s probably worth 1.8M now.

Why don’t you consider buying in Burlingame instead? Much better than Millbrae.