Which Is Better: Richmond Or Sunset?

Undervalued (to you) implies that Millbrae should be higher. Maybe not…maybe, it is just is not as good. Possible?

The Machine gets paid again this week…

Can’t. Wifey says no more South than San Bruno/Millbrae/SSF. If she were willing, we go to RWC to be closer to my protege future Ms Gold Medalist ice skater niece. Girl got skillz…

I don’t think there’s a difference distance wise between Millbrae and Burlingame.

Wifey will not drive into the Fab 7x7 for work from Burlingame vs Millbrae. It is what it is…

Burlingame is much more expensive than Millbrae. It seems price there starts at 2M on the good side of El Carmino? My impression is that it’s much whiter than Millbrae.

I am tempted by Millbrae, that’s why I am paying attention there…

Millbrae is fine, just messing with ya. It is Chinatown though… I have to consider it because I have more money to play with if Oakland goes so why not? Buy the property that probably will appreciate. I do like San Bruno Hills too and I have already future buyers lined up after I leave after I do my exchange living.

Where in San Bruno hills? The part in Daly City overlooking cow palace? I am not that familiar with the area.

Here is something that I was really liking when I went there. No potential for inlaw action and expansion for another bathroom esp master. Wifey would love fruit trees. Planes not an issue from here.

What about the homeless?..SF has to deal with it more than any other BA city.

SF has to deal with it due to its nice weather. In fact, Hawaii has even more homeless people than the BA because it has even better weather. If SF had a very harsh winter like the northeast, there wouldn’t be much homeless people around for sure…

Plenty on BA citiesi wth better weather…and no homeless problem

If you guys notice last 2 years.
Sunset, richmond a lot of stores/restaurant (irving, clement) closing and going out of business. And some of them are even empty for over 2 years, I’m seeing more and more closing out. If the trend continues, sunset/richmond will not be as convinient as before.

If that ever happened, then next up is going to be a reversion of reversion to the mean.

I think as millennials get older they will rediscover the joy of having a backyard… Especially for kids, you can let the little ones run wild while keeping an eye on them in the kitchen. Walkability is such a fad.

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I have a decent sized backyard in my Sunset home. They can run side to side front to back up and down no problem!!!

Geez, pended already…

Hey @dioworld, I went to check out an open house this evening in San Bruno up by
Skyline. What is the 411 on Westborough? There were some fairly large homes up in the hills that my wifey liked. Seeing those huge driveways to fit 4+ cars in addition to the garage got me excited. We didn’t get out to see if the planes were an issue or not. Seems windy up there?

The house in westborough are nice, but i don’t like the crime in that area. a lot of burglary.
But SSF might be good investment though, biotech are heating up in that city.

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Westborough has a lot of good, only bad is the fog and some area is on the earthquake fault line.

Buri buri is much better with no fog

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Having lived in the South Bay for 3 years and the East Bay for another 3 years, I realized that the fog is the best thing there is… otherwise the entire world becomes an intolerable oven.

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