Who are moving into and out of California?


It might be a great place to live but obviously even Bayview is better off than that state…


I’m going to coin a new term – “Baybillie” – A Baybillie is a resident of the Bay Area whose myopic world view is anchored around a belief that the Bay Area is the centre of the universe, and that there is no existence outside of the Bay. Of course, Baybillies never leave the Bay Area, so it is impossible for them to test this central tenant of their belief system. Baybillies thrive in the Bay Area echo chamber, often treating their entrepreneurial idols with a zeolotry past cultures reserved only for martyrs or monarchs.


wuqijun – I’m thinking of pitching a reality TV show where Baybillies move to Minnesota. I think there will be many funny outtakes of the baybillies shoveling snow. What do you say, are you in?


@wuqijun Come on, come on, are you a Baybillie or bigot ? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Um… I still pity your lost battle with the stock market. Too bad hope you can do better with real estate… :wink:


Hmmmmm, do not change the subject ! Are you a Baybillie or bigot ? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Why are you still here? Haven’t you deleted your account already? :scream:




Time for @hanera to pimp Singapore and @Elt1 to pimp Tahoe.

Cmon it’s a big world. :smile:


Is that everythinf? Cash included? Are you trying to show you got out at the peak?


classic baybillie comeback. Love it. This is reality show gold.


Why are you so aggressive? Can you please calm down a bit instead of calling people names? Be a bit respectful.

I lived in boston, too, and also from mit but i like california. People are free to like whatever they want. Why the hate?


I still hold SP500 peaked. Since I sold it nicely, I am able to make it this year. Still, I have invested one and one security for long hold keeping the details with me as I do not want to open up the stock subject.

Since WQJ said I lost the stock battle, just to infuriate him further, I just posted the YTD ! :joy::joy::joy:


Pm me your pick. your secret is safe with me.


Ok I’m not sure if you are going to win the battle, but you have definitely lost the war already. Because you have never heed good advice given by people on this forum and always insist on your own erroneous ways.

Also, I’m not mad, I do wish you success in the stock market, but unlikely given the way you are handling things.


He has few rentals and new home and stuff, he is already well off. He is more market crash averse instead of strssing over fomo. He already made it fine in life.


Of course! But Wuqijun doesn’t just like the Bay Area, he denigrates and insults the population of other areas (like North Dakota with his hillbilly comment). That is not ok. It is a provincial mindset.

Plus I think the more I use the term “baybillie”, the more likely it will catch on.


Take it easy, I just want to play with you sometime like this :joy::joy::joy:


Then call him out on that. Dont go into war. Also… Hi! Nice to see fellow alumnus (i pretend to be one for sure since it is not undergrad).


You are tryng to get back at me for muting you on the stock subject? But it wasn’t just me. It was a whole bunch of people including @Roy321 and @hanera. If a lot of people are pointing fingers at you, you’ve got to be doing something wrong…