Who are moving into and out of California?


I mean… I kind of liked baybillie as a term, and i think wuqijun is probably fine having drank bay area koolaid. He made it well. That is ehat matters.


You do not know the truth ! I never listen to anyone, very adamant on my own decisions !! :rofl:


I mean, isn’t “baybillie” an insult to all people living here in the bay area? I don’t see why anyone would want to side with @telemarker if they live in the bay area. That’s kind of like insulting yourself…


Or that he thinks he is insulting you. I certainly chose to ignore that particular comment, no reason to stress over someone who you do not even know.

Also i feel ashamed for not owning a home yet. So there is that.


Yes, I’m done with that a*hole.


Ok we passed 95% bs and approaching 99.9%.


Seriously, none of you (wuqijun or hanera or roy321) can change me, unless I change on my own (like Trump!).

Above all, none of you muted me , but It was too hard for me to continue stock discussions. Now, I have peace of mind and I am not invested heavily, just tried buying one and hold forever.

I need to at least hold for one year, two years, five years. Unless I do that, I am not good at stocks.

To your point, I do not want to listen to anyone except myself, win or loss it belongs to me alone ! :joy:


Still waiting to hear your pick.


100% -> :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face:


No. You should be invested heavily.


Secret known to two is not a secret anymore :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Just trying to test your curiosity ! Any way, it is Friday, you have time until Monday !!:joy:


Is it a 10x or a 2x stock?


You did not read my post " I do not want to listen to anyone except myself, win or loss it belongs to me alone" :rofl:

Any way, you are good on this advice, I hear you !


What are those 10X or 2X stocks? If those are listed here as 10x or 2x, that ticker is not in the list.


No – the definition is more nuanced. I live and own in the Bay Area and love it, lots to offer. But that doesn’t make me a baybillie. A baybillie has a provincial world view where the Bay Area is the centre of the universe, and that anyone not living in the Bay Area is a country bumpkin not worth talking to. Baybillies are the minority in the Bay Area, much like true “hillbillies” are the minority in North Dakota.

I was trying to make the point that your insulting comment about North Dakota was no different from the types of ignorant comments expected from the very people you were mocking – hillbillies.


You perfectly right ! I crossed all the financial independence state !! Why should I break my head on stocks !!!


Well I mean @manch also insulted Sunset multiple times. I didn’t see you standing up and fight for the Sunset people. If you are so righteous then you wouldn’t even think of coming up with a derogatory term like that. So at the end of the day you are just a hypocrite calling other people a bigot when you are one yourself.


Because your heart is not happy and your mind is not fulfilled knowing that you dropped the ball with stocks, even though you have reached FIRED status through other means.


Dude you would still complain if he held sp500 or other etfs, for playing it safe.


I’m starting to wonder if @manch is secretly advertising for this forum at a MIT event…quite a few from your alma mater here :slight_smile: