Who are moving into and out of California?


Ha ha ha ! Because this is wuqijun vs everyone (Money vs Happiness) !!

I am having fun here, Nice indeed :rofl:

This is stress test for you, how much pressure you can handle :joy:


I’m totally into debating multiple people on multiple fronts. Come on! Bring it on!!! :rofl:


Now, you got it ! :rofl:

This will continue until you are fed up with “why the hell I am madly updating here…”, like the one I had and like the one sfdragonboy had :rofl:


I was asking wuqijun since he brought up happiness as a function of income/worth. But I see plenty of other money-obsessed posters here who might take his side. No need for him to be at center stage all the time. :wink:


As the MVP (most valuable poster), I should be at the center stage of every conversation :slight_smile:

Also “money-obsessed” is the wrong choice of word. The correct terminology is “money-driven”. Be careful with your word choice or you might be called a bigot against rich people.


Time for this now.


Hate to burst your bubble but he loves @Elt1 more. Gotta work harder to earn his likes.


That’s fine… I’m not really all that into retaining that title anyways… :grin:


Barney’s hard to please :t_rex:


Wuqijun is different. He doesn’t go to work and lack work related stress. He can handle more stress here


Why are you downplaying my ability… :rofl:


Barnacle ratio 40:1 :clap:t2:
Banana slug vs human 1:1 :slight_smile:


Agree. We had to reconcile ourselves to that attitude in our last 2 purchases. Bid more then what we thot they were worth and figure we will recover it shortly. Turned out to be the case


Good job. Joined the overpaying club :slight_smile: My record is $130k at that time :hugs:


What %.

PM me :slight_smile:


I paid 12% above asking.

Current market price is 50% above last sales price.


Did you buy 2 years and a half ago?


Trulia shows 37% YOY increase. So, it was @13-16% 1st 1.5 years. This matches my observations of transactions in the area.


what area?


past performance is not always a good indicator for future :slight_smile:

Most attractive areas in Bay Area are up by @this %.