Who are moving into and out of California?


Wuqijun - “subpar by your standards”. Not everyone thinks the same as you.


Ok let’s go with the most common acceptable metric: personal income.


Or standard of life.
or happines.


The higher the income, the happier you are, and better living standards too.


Are you happy, wuqijun? If happiness means arguing online with other wealthy individuals about hillbillies in ND, I guess so… I don’t mean this as an insult but cannot resist as this thread has made my day :rofl:


totally! Manhattanite snobs – the original baybillies.


You have no idea. A low income person living in a beach town surfing and dating women could be happy.
You can make less income in most parts of the world, but be as happy.

Your happiness metric is not the same as everyone.

Zuck would look down on you (he probably does) because he’s thousand times wealthier than you. Does that mean he’s 1000x happier?


There’s a running joke at google: There’s an internal url shortener, and shortner/affordable-housing goes to pittsburgh office’s website. Can’t tell they are sad. They are probably happier than you.


I’m not going to go too philosophical into this but there has been many research articles linking happiness to wealth. Zuck can look down on me I’m fine with that… I’m only speaking the truth regardless of my personal situation, unlike other posters here who get butt hurt when their personal situation or outlook are being slighted.


There’s also plenty explains marginal benefit of extra money.
It’s also what you do with money. Make more than 99% of the country, still have hard time affording house, doens’t make someone happy.

I think you drink a bit too much kool-aid, you might as well go to HK.


You really contradict yourself. Since you are in bay area, you should start a company, and hit it big with a billion dollar acqusition. That sure will make you happy. And those who don’t are very sad creatures, that don’t deserve to be happy.

You can do your stock investing just fine outside of bay area. I don’t see your point.


Wouldn’t that be a slight against Hong Kongers though? It’s funny how people here call me a “bigot” for calling Dakotans “hillbilly”, but at the same time calling NYers “snobs” is not bigotry.



I’m not contradicting myself one bit. If I could become a billionaire I would have. However this kind of success is bonded by talent and luck. However, you have a much better chance becoming a billionaire here in BA or NY or HK than a place like North Dakota. If you are money driven like most people in the world are, get out of those “hillbilly” places and move to a “snobbish” metro.


That’s where you give up. Not everyone finds happines in that. Most people is exactly NOT MOST at all.


Well I can’t speak for everybody in the world but at least you and me are the same. We are both money driven.


That’s why i am here. Doesn’t mean happiness doesn’t exist elsewhere.

I once met a person who was an undergrad mit, super skilled and smart, his dream was to live in the woods. He probably needs what? 20K/year?


Live in the woods like a caveman or live in the woods with modern amenities? There’s a difference and the latter requires much more wealth than the typical urbanite.


I wish I were in SoCal though. Warmer weather, better food and better looking people.


Why are you asking me this question? Why didn’t you ask @telemarker instead?