Why-are-we-protecting-illegal-immigrants-in-this-country - 2

Why-are-we-protecting-illegal-immigrants-in-this-country - 2


Please continue here from the thread above.

I noticed that too. Some people don’t like the truth.

The log didn’t say anything about closing that thread. The most likely reason is that the number of people flagging posts in that thread reached a threshold. It is a highly contentious topic.

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Some hypocrite people here are saying “they don’t like the truth” but they kept banning my topic about the idiot in the white house hiring illegals, wait! Criminals! :joy::joy::joy:

So, the PC guys know now how to keep their mouths shut, banning cancels any topic. Good!

can you revive it? There’s only one troll on this forum AFAIK.

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That thread had of tonnes of valuable information and arguments.

I can un-delete it, but I will keep it closed. A good number of people flag posts there, and it’s on both sides.

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That’s Ok with me, since it seems there is no other way.

Btw, using the same logic a certain member also needs to be “closed down” :wink:

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I’m pretty sure 99% of posts that get flagged enough to be hidden are by one poster.


Could be. I don’t have the stats.

TY @manch for un-deleting the thread.

@manch doesn’t have much controls over his own blog?

Ok The thread was deleted again @manch?


No one is banning your topics. They’re flagging your posts for trolling and the fact that you continually preemptively attack people on this forum. Your constant name-calling doesn’t help. You’d get farther if you simply posted facts, and refrained from name-calling.

Should be visible now.

for some reason not visible.

The system really wants to kill it for some reason. :smile:

Can you see it now?

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Too many flagged posts maybe?

Yepp… working!