Why Are We Protecting Illegal Immigrants In This Country?




Other than Canada and USA no developed countries on this list.


Where are the countries such as Mexico? It only shows legal immigrants, not migrants. Most people would take “migrant” as illegal immigrants.

Nigerian and Armenian are listed but not Mexican. Seems to mislead by selective reporting. I’ve seen thousands of Mexicans a today, haven’t seen a single Nigerian or Armenian for many years.

Why do they show Nigerian and Armenian but not Mexican? Is it a discrimination in journalism? Or a discrimination in data presentation?


Dreamers have no legal right to be in the US, so there’s no defined process for them. They were brought here illegally as kids and are not adults. The plan was to make a process, so they could before citizens. That’s different from people who come here legally through existing processes.


There is so much entitlement mentality. I watch TV where an illegal immigrant says that he has a right to live here. Why do an illegal immigrant have a right to live there? Does it mean everyone in the world has a right to live there?

When we make exceptions, it’s just an exception. It’s not a human right, it’s just a generous exception, no more than that.

It’s hard to understand that illegal immigration is a human right.


I know. I should go walk into Bezos house and take one of the extra bedrooms. If they calls the cops for trespassing, I’ll just people to protest. I have a right to live there.



This js partly wrong on the 5yr requirement. If your trips are less than 6 month, it still counts toward residency.

“As stated above, if a person left the U.S. for a trip lasting less than 6 months, continuous residence is not “disrupted” even though they left the USA and therefore the continuous residence requirement is satisfied.”


Great… (RIP, Mollie. We let you down, too…)


If in California, they may drop the charges so that this man can avoid deportation


San Francisco’s Bored Of Stupidvisors are already having an emergency meeting tonight to draw up legislation to help this poor soul… (Not Mollie, of course…)


I’m waiting for the day you realize that you need a gun :slight_smile:


Again, how many times do I need to say it? A gun, a handgun, is ok by me for personal protection. A semi automatic rifle that can be modified quite easily to be a military grade weapon is well beyond that threshold. I can easily see the difference. Why can’t you gun fanatics also see it?


Sounds like a winner to me, Joe…



She’s a very brave lady, beats 99% of the men in this country.

should I add a small footnote here: this doesn’t mean I agree with her position.


The reporting on the Iowa situation is disturbing. Some news outlets are publishing that he’s not illegal despite multiple government agencies confirming he is. I get freedom of the press, but there’s no place for irresponsible journalism. It happens in every high profile situation. Then people get emotionally attached to the initial headlines and facts don’t matter.


Jessica Ho will win the Sunset for sure. This is better than expected.

The leftists is not sure whether attacking Jessica Ho on this sanctuary city issue will help or hurt Jessica :rofl:

“It’s unclear if latching on to the Sanctuary City attack will help or hurt Ho in her race to lead the Sunset District.”

The leftists is not sure whether attacking Jessica Ho on this sanctiary city issue will help or hurt Jessica :rofl:

“It’s unclear if latching on to the Sanctuary City attack will help or hurt Ho in her race to lead the Sunset District.”


I don’t care if you are pro or against illegal immigration. I just know you are a piece of …if you are laughing at the kidnapping of little kids, and they going to face an immigration judge, not knowing the language, they being as old as 1 year old, and whose parents were deported but they are still in this country, lost in the stupid limbo these idiots from the twhitler administration created.

You seem to have forgotten the lost semblance on the faces of the Japanese kids, teenagers, youngsters, interned in concentration camps for, well, their parents being from Japan.

I have been away from my kids for many days recently, and I was dying not knowing they were not at the reach of my arms. And thinking a mother fu…er would come and take them away from me just for a small, petty breaking of the law, which wasn’t a crime then, believe me, I would kill any mother fu…er if he or she even touched one of my kids.

So, you really are a piece of something. Specially if you have kids of your own, and you work with a doctor, a dentist, anybody dealing with kids. I really pray, and I hope, you feel that pain and angst some day your kids are taken away from you for x or y reason. I hope you cry and ask the forum for suggestions on what to do. I will be here commenting stupid things. I will probably laugh at you, you are doing it now.

And, for those so ignorant, and racist against “Latinos”, as BAGB is, a funny report:


Is it just me or have you gone completely insane…I see a :robot: recall coming.