Why Are We Protecting Illegal Immigrants In This Country?


Ahhh….poor people. Shouldn’t they be in India making their country better? Why are they here working at a convenience store slaves to their own people? What can they claim for asylum purposes? I know Sikhs can do that, but the Indian immigrant in general is lost in the immigration limbo. No way they can claim anything. No MS13 in their country, no political oppression, maybe rape, but that’s going away as of yesterday. Poor women and kids, they are the victims here.

Any Indian here mocking the fate of other immigrants willing to comment. Or, you are a coward on that regard? It’s only 500,000 Indian illegals the report says. And another 2,400 languishing in jails. Are you still supporting the racist president? OK………shame on you!

Paramjit Singh (name changed), a resident of Ludhiana, went to the United States on a B1-B2 visitors’ visa for a family wedding in Florida in September 2014 and never returned. He has a large number of relatives across the US and moved to California after a few months where he found work in a convenience store run by one of them"
Though his visa has a validity of 10 years, according to the stamp at the port of entry, he couldn’t stay in the US beyond March 2015 during that visit. Singh now fears that, if he returns to India, he will never be able to return to the US again, having overstayed and gone “out of status”. However, if he is caught without a valid visa by the authorities, he may be deported or even imprisoned.

The American Rush

Singh was just one of an estimated half a million unauthorized Indian Americans in the US in 2014, a figure put out by US think tank Pew Research Center recently. That’s a 43% increase over 2009, when the number was 350,000. In fact, the number of illegal immigrants to the US from India was growing faster than any other country. Mexico, which has been targeted by US president-elect Trump, saw a drop in illegal immigrants by almost half a million between 2009 and 2014, to 5.8 million.


What is your point?


My point is that Indians, coming from far away, to me, are deserving some compassion. But we don’t see anybody mentioning them because as far as my concern goes, most anti-immigrant people are racist for a reason. Except that when they see their own people in the same pool of “criminals” entering the country illegally, they are so quiet.


When I talk to people back in my motherland, I tell them that this is not the America of many years ago. But, you can’t erase from their memory, or their feverish minds the fact that there are factors unknown to us, to all of us that became American citizens, those like me that don’t know chit about their actual circumstances. Because my circumstance was different to what they face nowadays.

Long ago, it was a political circumstance, nowadays, it may be an economic scenario. I bet Indians are in that category. Same as many thousands coming this way, they are losing their identity as protect species when their safety net, “asylum” is diluted by this administration. Pretty soon, Sikhs will have no protection, no claims for asylum.


I’m having a hard time understanding your points.

Only 1 point from my end - “Economic migrants do not qualify for asylum/refugee”


1- I am not shy anymore. Hypocrite posters who are mocking other illegal immigrants (I was one of them once) are quiet about their own people being subjected to the same standards of their petulant and indirect jokes. Now, it is not fun anymore once “their people” are in the same category of “criminals”, their poo stinks too, right?

2- Not all Indians are high techies. But in my world, lacking racism, they have the same rights, same necessities and dreams, and may have same death threats, political persecutions, being raped, and discriminated as a social group as the rest of “illegal” immigrants coming this way. As I said, the “safety net” for them is being dismantled with a racist purpose by this administration aimed at only one race. They are not from Norway.

3- Economics is a determination by this political system looking at the status of a country. Is India an economic force in the world? Then its nationals can’t apply for asylum under any circumstances than the ones described above. As they said, I wasn’t fit for political asylum, even though my life was in the hands of an individual in the leftist world, better than the right wing in this country let me tell you that now. So, I was told to leave, except I had the safety net of having the rights to fight my case in court. I won, and I think other’s have the same chance as I had. They no longer have that. They languish in jail, living in tents as criminals, their kids sent hundreds of miles away, as if they were animals.

4- It was one of my points for many years. Even though I support anybody coming to this country under the assumption that they were persecuted by a government, I never bought the fact that Cubans fitted that refugee status. And they were and are used as a political propaganda by republicans to gather voters and they themselves play that role because until last year, it was convenient for them to play victims. That ended by Obama taking away that privilege. And you never heard the “it’s an invasion” when 8,000 of them, yes! 8,000 of them came through Texas while the racist president was calling Mexicans coming to this country, illegally by the way, as criminals.

5- If you think I don’t know who is the “Indian” poster here attacking Latinos, you’re wrong. I don’t need to mention names. He or she, giving the circumstances, of a mistake of their part while being legal residents, or faking their marriage, a DUI, any felony, they are gone! And in my world, criminals, real criminals need to go home. I don’t care who he or she is, if they are from Guatemala, Russia, India, Nicaragua or Venus, they need to go!

Funny using Breitbart, but if you read closely, look at how they blame Obama. They didn’t call it an invasion either. Nor the then candidate called them criminals, you know, the Cubans vote republican in their majority.


Poo stinks due to homeless people on street both legal and illegal. My guess is most of them are legal(because illegal immigrants on street will attract law enforcement attention). Did you get what I am saying? Poo stinks has nothing to do directly with illegal immigrants , it was just a side comment on SFO street situation.

Weren’t you a lawyer in your earlier life? Lawyers are known to be on point and efficient with words. Hence, sometimes self examination is also important.

I will stop here.


If I were smart to learn proper English, believe me…:smiley:

If I had the chance to represent anybody, I would tell him to just shut up before screwing his case.

WASHINGTON — Chief Justice John Roberts is pushing back against President Donald Trump for his description of a judge who ruled against Trump’s migrant asylum policy as an “Obama judge.”

It’s the first time the Republican-appointed leader of the federal judiciary has offered even a hint of criticism of Trump, who has previously blasted federal judges who ruled against him.

Roberts said Wednesday the U.S. doesn’t have “Obama judges or Trump judges, Bush judges or Clinton judges.” He commented in a statement released by the Supreme Court after a query by The Associated Press.

Roberts said on the day before Thanksgiving that an "independent judiciary is something we should all be thankful for."

The White House had no immediate response to a request for comment on Roberts’ criticism.

Last year, the president used the term a “so-called judge” after the first federal ruling against his travel ban. During the presidential campaign, Trump criticized Roberts himself for the chief justice’s decisive vote in 2012 to preserve the Obama health care overhaul.




Hillary is testing the market to see whether a stronger immigration control policy can help her defeat Trump in 2020.

Notice that she’s testing this in Europe first and said nothing about US.


Hillary again in 2020??? :weary:


John Kerry recently made similar comments about immigration in Europe. Just a small percent of immigrants coming in and adding to their social programs is enough to tip them to the breaking point. That alone should tell people social programs aren’t that sustainable.


In business we called that financial liability. Government is not familiar with this term?



Government’s “currency/revenue/profit” is votes :slight_smile:


Are you saying US is a socialist country? News to me.


How many Indias are getting through the border nowadays? I think none now. Poor people, paying what? $25K? Jesus! I spent like $200

By the way, what type of persecution they allege? Rape? That’s the only thing I can think of now. I know there are mobs of men raping women in India. Political? Are they being gunned down as in Latin America? I don’t think so!
Religious persecution? Sikhs? Hmmm…I know many of them, and they are down to earth. My favorite Indians. They are so nice, amicable, trustworthy.

"Paying smuggling rings between $25,000-$50,000 per person, a growing number of Indians are illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border and claiming asylum for persecution, CBP spokesman Salvador Zamora said.

Many present viable claims, but a large number are economic migrants with fraudulent petitions that swamp the system and can cause legitimate cases to be “washed out” in the high volume of fraud, Zamora said in an interview.


Gavin Newsom is preparing for free healthcare to illegal immigrants soon. :slight_smile:


They already get free healthcare, in the form of ER visits.


Yes so US is a socialist country only for illegal immigrants :slight_smile: I.e. free health care them only.