Why Are We Protecting Illegal Immigrants In This Country?


I gotta ask, since you seem to have a chip on the shoulder about ‘those Indians’, did you have a personal bad experience with some Indian descent folks and hence the intense dislike?


My apologies if you see it from that point of view.
I hope you don’t get mad.

Nope. My best friends from India are Sikhs. I adore them, they adore me. I take care of them as if they were from Guatemala or Indonesia, or Mexico, etc.

I just wanted to wake some people up. I am always reminding racist people on this forum to look themselves in the mirror because some of them are supporting the criminalization of other illegal immigrants as if they, wrongly, think that they will be accepted in the club of racists. No, they will be kicked out in minute because of the color of their skin, or the way they dress, speak, etc.

Why do I said that? Because I know for sure, an Indian poster on this forum was for many years mentioning Latinos here, Latinos there as if they were representing all illegals. Believe me, he or she even clicked that heart of “good” on your topic.
After so many actions from that poster, I decided to stir the hornet’s nest. I had to bring to his or her attention that Indians, as any other people are human beings out there crossing the border illegally, begging, crying, humiliating themselves, working/staying “illegally”, committing crimes, rotting in jail for many months, perhaps years, they are having “anchor babies” as any other Latino or any other illegal immigrant.

That’s why I said, “those hypocrite Indians” somewhere. Now, even you get upset. Did you get upset when somebody here was portraying Latinos as a bad thing? Calling all Mexicans (anybody crossing the border without papers) criminals?
Did you say “hey buyinghouse, you are right! My people are doing exactly what others are doing, and they deserve the same attention, or punishment as others, even driver’s licenses, free healthcare, or………drums ready? Get deported!”.

Did you read any Indian here, after my report, saying “yeah, why are we protecting illegal Indian immigrants?” No! For them, or for a few of them, there are no Indians in immigration jails. There are no illegal Indians. There are no criminal Indians. By denying that, they are burying their own people in jail. See?

Do you get upset if I say “you didn’t say so”? I bet you forgot the good I said, it is acceptable, we all do look at the negativity first.
I just want for everybody to understand that, if I am not wrong, first the Irish, then Chinese, Italians, Germans, Vietnamese, all of them had a tough time to make their lives comfortable on this racist country of that time. They had less value than a dog. The landlords rather rented to people with dogs than Irish, or the yellows, or the spics, the VCs, all them racists names. It’s all documented, no need to repeat it.

Why are we repeating/doing that if we are not born in this country, nor we look like the host, you know, if we watch carefully, if we are not white enough from Norway? I may sound naïve, or stupid, but I look white, sometimes, and don’t laugh, like an Indian, from Peru, etc.

Supporting immigrations laws are separate of this issue, what people think, do and say about others, even being quiet is what counts. And I am always defending anybody’s desire, wish, or right to save their skin by coming to America, the land of the free, and the land of opportunities. I did it! I am not ashamed! Are you ashamed of your people doing the same? What? Because they are not high techies they are not Indians enough? To me, they do it the right way? Fine! The other way? Fine! I just want their attempts to be punished with love, not being thrown in jail.

I am telling you this because I suffered for almost 20 years the anxiety of being almost in jail even though I was out here. Going back to a country we don’t feel fitted for anymore, where we are going to be raped, killed, kidnapped, tortured, etc. is not funny. An Indian coming this far? I equal them to a guy from Chile crossing all South, Central and North America to reach the American dream. Why treat them as a piece of dead meat?

Do you want me to bring that poster’s name? I don’t need to. :zipper_mouth_face:

I found an old comment from Redfin that I saved many years ago. If I find it, I will bring it. It will show you that person hasn’t changed his/her racist views against Latinos.

I hope that clarifies my point. And, my renewed apologies if I hurt your feelings. :wink:

  1. Latinos are estimated to be 75% of all illegals. 75% is defined overwhelming majority.The next category is vast majority which is 90% or more.
  2. 16% of illegal immigrants are from Asia. India’s share of Asia’s population is @30%. So, India’s share illegal population could be @5% of the illegal immigrant population.
  3. Illegal Indians(or illegals of any nationalities including Latinos) are treated the same when caught by authorities.

With those statistics i.e. 15x more part of the population vs Indians, is it surprising that discussion on illegals point to the overwhelming majority?


No, I did not get upset. I shared my observation based on your repeated posts pointing to one community.

And since I am in the mood to share my observations, here’s the impression from your long post above.

  1. I gathered that you are trying to say that you don’t dislike all Indians, you only dislike all non-Sikh Indians. Sikhs are cool!

  2. And the reason for your stereotyping all non-Sikh Indians in the ‘hypocritical’ category is your perception of Indians created thru multiple unpleasant ‘online’ experiences with one alleged ‘Indian’ poster on Redfin/this forum. Plus, of course, your perception that all other ‘Indian’ posters here are complicit in the crimes by being silent. Since you never tainted your perception of other races/nationalities for remaining silent, there’s definitely something more to it.

In the spirit of jumping to conclusions based on online posts, I hereby conclude that you don’t have any ‘Indian’ non-Sikh friends and would also give the life-advice to make some Indian non-Sikh friends so you can add real life color to online perceptions. :sunglasses:

Btw, is your definition of ‘Indian’ based on anyone from India or do you club all folks from South East Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, et al) in that category?



Thanks God you are a very peaceful man. Not like the canceled POS post that was above you and the continuous perpetuation of the criminalization of one race when the posters own nationality or race is embedded in those numbers. Yes, when you sit silently in the darkness and participate on the criminalization of a race, you are as an accomplice as the perpetrator. We can mention Jews and Nazis.

Let me say that you too are falling into the same conclusions you accuse me of. To me, an Indian is an Indian from India because he or she has told me.
When the POS president, then candidate said “Mexico sends its people”, he tried to portray all Hispanic people as criminals. But of course, as I said, the jokes that were posted on this forum, even “smelly chit” were directed to Mexicans aka illegals. which by the way are being hired by hypocrite posters on this forum. I know so because they have said it and told me. Nobody on this forum, has and will be willing to pay a real contractor for a paint job. I know some of the posters in person, and I know they hire “amigos” for the job.

Now, Indians from where? Sorry, the Indias I know are from India. I’ve never met anybody from any other country looking like Indias, for what they would be not Indians, right? A person coming from Pakistan shouldn’t be an Indian but a Pakistani. And, no matter what they would look, because I approach people a lot, for business purposes, I question them where they are from and if they speak a different language than others because I know there are different dialects in almost every country in the world.

Speaking of perceptions. In 1992, I walked into the former INS building in SF. I saw a person I would describe as a native from Guatemala. Actually, we call them “Indians” as the Cherokees and so on were called in this country back then. So, the guy looked a little bit brownish, short, some slanting of the eyes. Very typical in our proud native people. I asked him in Spanish what he was doing there and he looked at me like if I were threatening his life. Finally he told me he didn’t understand Spanish because he was an Indonesian. :laughing:

And, to slap the racists on this forum once and for all, allow me to bring two old comment posted on Redfin. I took a picture of “them”, one from me, and one from the other poster who for some reasons is always trying to portray our race as crooked, always finding stupid remarks to portray us as criminals or doing something wrong, like the idiot above me on this answer who doesn’t know the difference between “non citizens” and “illegals” whom by the way can’t get federal benefits, aka cash benefits.

Oh, since I can’t disclose he identity of my Indian friends because then I would be disclosing my whereabouts, I pick up and drop their kids at school. I am their uncle. And, to tell you the truth, I got a high techie licensee under me at the office from India but we are not talking at all because he used his license to create his own life insurance, and he is in RWC and I am in San Jose but he is down to earth guy, I don’t know if he is Sikh or what. The other guys in my block, one of them a taxi cab driver has been approached by me several times but I think and I believe he feels he is above everybody because he just looks at me and never responds to my waving hand, and when I walk by his house, he always turn his face around pretending to be busy. Again, the other Indians walking by every morning jogging or old couples grabbing hands are so nice to say good morning or good evening. Not long ago I went to help an old couple to put a heavy and old TV on the street. The funny or tragic thing is that they, the males, are always wearing a turban. The same turban that made some idiot shoot one of them after the 9-11 right here in the Bay Area because they thought he was from the Taliban bunch. So, do I generalize? Maybe. I deal with my own examples or samples, the majority being nice at me are Sikhs.

Here you go. this is me, and this is who I have always been: I took pictures and I think the image quality is crappy but you can see what is more important at the end of my response.




We know the troll that has been spreading lies on this forum, right Marcus?


“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

Where in that does it say all Mexicans are bad or criminals?

If you think the tweet and study I posted at the same, then you don’t belong in the conversation.


Yes, blame me for your inability to comprehend things. That’ll really help you.


I was pretty ambivalent about illegal immigration until recently. If anything, I was pretty understanding of it — it is a way to expand the tax base once the offspring of illegal immigrants really break into the middle class. Expanding thr tax base is necessary for a country like ours that constantly runs deficits.

However recently, I realized that the SF Unified School District, which assigns students to schools via a lottery system, promises residents admittance to a school regardless of immigration status. That means my own kids don’t get to attend the right schools because illegal immigrants took up the slots.

Now I am all for deporting illegal immigrants.


They say, history repeats itself. Maybe, I say “maybe”, you are reflecting the same sentiments, the racism, the bigotry your great, great parents witnessed many years ago when they were “criminals, they are taking our jobs, they are filthy, they don’t learn or speak the language, you name the pejorative name”. Same as the Irish, Italians, Germans, African American, and others, isn’t that amazing?
For "illegal immigrants, do you put Chinese, Vietnamese, Indians, Europeans, you name the nationality and country and race, together, or you kind of ignore others but Mexicans-Hispanic?

Millions of illegals in this country seem to be your normal guy, of course, they don’t look like “Latinos” or “Mexicans”, your regular painter or your nanny. Otherwise, you wouldn’t bother them, nor you would ask them for their “papers” at school because they speak your own language, or look like you, right? Maybe because they are the silent minority and because they don’t commit that many crimes they ought to receive a break? Am I right?

I wonder what would happen if ICE does a raid on Chinatown? Japantown? How about all those 7-11s? Those taxi cabs? Oh… I bet hell would break loose!

And, believe me, 100%, the Communist stupidvisors in San Francisco would defend them, oh yeah! They would defend any “illegal”. You wouldn’t be OK with them defending only Asians, right? You would say, no! If you are going to protect only one class, protect them all! Of course! Yes, I believe you!


The stuff you project onto people is insane.


Oh, you would also be OK with deporting anybody after they overstay the time to remain in this country, right?

Getting a U.S. tourist or business visa for the purpose of overstaying might seem like a simpler way for Chinese to migrate to America, in contrast to crossing a U.S. border illegally. But it is not an option available to everyone.


You also ought to know that “Mexicans” are in decline coming illegally into this country. People who study this phenomenon can tell you.


And final thought.
Did you know China has more persecuted people than any other country in the world? I feel empathy for anybody suffering anything.

“The Chinese youth love the freedom Americans have,” Ms. Lee said. “They still see America as the land of promise.”


And…………don’t get mad!

Your president is hiring illegals!


Good night Vietnam! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Hmmm. I don’t think I am being racist but I am open to dialogue. Let me articulate my angst another way - I am really upset because I have paid lots of $$$$ into the school system, and yet my kids cannot get into the right schools because those slots are taken by people that have not paid their own dues to the school system.

It does not matter to me if the illegal immigration is coming from Asia, from Latin America, or Ireland itself (there are lots of Irish here who have overstayed their visas) - I resent the fact that my kids’ education is deprioritized to accommodate these newcomers who are seemingly finding a back door to services that I am trying to avail my family of through the front door, albeit, unsuccessfully.

Further complicating the viewpoint is that my wife is brown, and she immigrated here legally. She feels even more strongly than I do about this.

Its fine if people think that I am a racist (because in truth, everyone in this world is at least a little bit racist … the museum of tolerance in LA (about the holocaust) makes it a point for all visitors to recognize that everyone is racist) …

But I do not believe that my viewpoints here are racially motivated.



I was interrogating you. My apologies.

Disregarding my unilateral position here, I am in the same boat with you. Except that my point of view here has been always that there are some posters with a racist view. They always ponder on the “Latinos” but very conveniently quiet about their own “people”.

Let me tell you this story:

I have this friend living in Gilroy. Upon several visits, I found out the guests at his house were refugees. I am not going to mention races or nationalities. They came, stepped into the US 2 years ago. They were taken into custody and because they were from “XXXXXX” country they got a work permit and free housing, free education, you name it, all free. Things no American could get if their lives depended on it. Don’t you get mad?

Well, one of them told me his story. I am not going to repeat it, but him being a male, he was used as a female by people in some army somewhere. The poor guy is not friendly of anybody being an adult and being male sitting next to him. He is damaged goods when it comes to social gatherings. He attends high school, he is in his last year. He will attend college next scholar year. He was able to tell me this after 6 visits to that house.

If you see them, they will look your regular legal person because they don’t look Mexicans. But, now, one of them is in a very, very known university/college, all paid for by the government. He just needed to ace on his classes. He did, the other one, still trying to coupe with his emotional problems. They, took the place of an American or legal resident. But this is something done by the government, not yesterday, right now!

As I said before, if anybody comes to this country, fine with me, no matter what they use as a mean of transportation or method of entry. I just hope they become a good citizen. If they don’t, I want them gone! I don’t care if they are Mexicans, Guatemalans, Chinese, Vietnamese or Indians. Perverts, lazy, criminals, living out of the government, they need to go! Useful, hard working people that are really hard working people I don’t mind if they stay. Many probably end up in the army.

I just don’t like people ignoring their own people for being illegals, and assuming that because they are behind a monitor they are not racist or bigots against others. Wrong! They are!

I love all people, and I want them be treated equally, no matter where they come from. That means I want them to be accepted or rejected because they are from all over the world, not because they come from some country.