Why Are We Protecting Illegal Immigrants In This Country?


Thanks for sharing your views.

Regarding the acquaintances in Gilroy - I do not mind if the USA takes in a certain number of (otherwise classified as illegal) immigrants every year and gives them free housing, free education, etc … all based on the potential of that immigrant and his/her potential contribution to society. As long as we establish what that number is!

What I do take umbrage to is the fact that the USA:

a) does not seem to limit the number of “illegal” immigrants
b) does not have established criteria to measure potential contribution of these immigrants.

The big monkey wrench though with this whole issue is that twhitler (ha ha — see what I did there?) stupidly is constantly super careless about the words that he uses (dude, don’t single out the Mexicans and call them rapists man… and don’t talk about a pointless wall) which gave Democrats the opportunity to make the whole issue about race and “racism”. Which then just attracted REAL BIGOTS like the proud boys into the debate, and now we just have a huge bowl of wrong that ain’t gonna go nowhere.


But seriously yo, we gotta fix this illegal immigration thing. Thanks for listening,


There’s something to consider, I didn’t read your comment above, I will comment tomorrow.

This country is getting too old. We need people coming in! And many are coming, but not doing what other generations were doing, serving in the army. Just to finalize, I think 12% of the army are patriots born from Hispanic people, whether they are legal or illegal. :wink:

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You have to have very strong ties to China in order to get a tourist visa. My niece from Beijing visited us several years ago and had to leave behind her husband and family and home to get the visa.


At the risk of sounding naive, what is the rationale behind making it so difficult to get a visa to visit the US? Or am I misunderstanding something?


Your understanding is correct. It is hard to get visitor visa to US for that niece has to leave husband and family at China and she was alone let to visit USA so that she returns back to China.

This tactics and similar tactics are forced by US authorities for everyone where high influx-crimes are common , not only to Chinese. USCIS has all statistics where illegal entries are sought mostly. Pretty common issue to China, India, Pakistan, Philippine, Mexico and similar high population countries where lot of people try to come USA.

Even if someone overstay USA few days beyond I-94 last day, while going back port of exit, immigration authorities permanently ban them for life term. Overstay is crime and authorities may even arrest and put into jail, lot of legal issues involved then.

All I know is buying house does not know many things and he always comments negative about this country.

BTW: He was nice person pre-naturalization, but changed entirely opposite after getting citizenship!

What a pity state !


That’s too bad. It is easier to batch bees with honey than it is with vinegar.

I reflect on the best bosses that I have ever worked for ---- the best bosses were ones that I admired, ones that I respected, and ones that inspired me to stay longer and work my tail off.

The worst bosses I have worked for just tried to rule with an iron-fist — “my way or the highway.”

Societies and systems of government have a similar dynamic. As long as China continues to treat its citizens as chattel, other countries that promote freedom of movement will have the upper hand in the war for talent. Thank goodness freedom of movement is a US Constitutional right.


I think you are a Vietnamese guy, aren’t you?

I know many Vietnamese, they are the third group of people on my favorite friendly society.

And they are pretty closed society that respects the values of the holly matrimony. I talk to them, they get married for life. As we do in the Hispanic community.

So, it is pretty pity seeing you supporting a 3 times wife cheater, and somebody who has mocked the Asians with “me want a deal”.

I think you have betrayed and abandoned your cultural roots. For money.


Did you notice that your article is more than 8 years old? Not a lot of Chinese on the streets in AZ these days :slight_smile:
We either have an effective border patrol or we don’t. They don’t selectively let some races through and not others.


And, anybody coming to the US with a visa can overstay, hide among “their own people”, get a job, use an ITIN number and, he or she can cure that problem with just getting anybody to marry them. Their illegal permanence then is forgiven, something that is not forgiven to people who are honest with their intentions of entering the country illegally.

This is about honesty. Who needs more punishment? Those who deceived the immigration authorities by using a visa and then overstay or those who do it illegally and are not lying to anybody?

By the way, I love this country, but I hate cheaters, hypocrites, dishonest, criminals, liars, racist people lacking or abandoning their moral values for money, and anything they represent.


All I know is buying house does not know many things and he always comments negative about this country.

BTW: He was nice person pre-naturalization, but changed entirely opposite after getting citizenship!

You proved my statement by your ignorance directly going to racial origin side.


It still stands.

What I want you to understand is that “illegals” are the punch bag for politicians. They are used for political purposes, specially during elections. Pay attention to what I am going to say.

During the last elections, the now president said that the border patrols “union” and that’s a LOL…was with him. He was campaigning in Texas, while what you are going to read down was happening. Why didn’t he denounce that ‘INVASION’? Well, for votes. If he denounced that invasion, he would lose Florida.

Shame on me for using Foxlies.


Because if anybody being mocked by anybody is not standing for his own people, his own race or nationality, he or she doesn’t have any moral background to criticize anybody else.


Hey, folks, can we stop moralizing in this thread? Moralizing and attacking each other’s race doesn’t do any good. It just makes a few people upset and makes everyone else tune out.

Let’s not turn this place into Facebook.


This country, USA, value people’s life and treat the illegal entries with equal rights given by constitution!

People take advantage of it, but eventually face the reality.

If USA treats them with the way Saudi treated our journalist, do you like it?


Morals? There are no morals here, or on this country. We have a president calling people son of a bit………women are called dogs, pigs, stupid, shorty, dummy, etc, etc.

I can’t stand in silent mode. Unmoral values have no place anywhere.


Wow, today we learned Hispanic people are always 100% faithful to their spouse. Hispanic people never cheat. What a load of :poop:


Again mistake, this is not mocking , actual statement.

That is why Trump is against illegal immigration.


If is there is no morality in this country, why did you get citizenship?

Why do you hate when Illegal immigrants are deported or trying to stop at border?


You haven’t read anything I’ve said Jil, I am pro equality of treatment towards anybody. If you came illegally, or legally, you should be punished or rewarded the same as any other person coming from whatever country.

But we have a double standard. My cousin, because he is from Guatemala I need to hide, and the other cousin of my friend needs to leave. Race, language, and political preference apply. That’s how it’s played in this country and nobody can deny it.

We all bring with us some “racism” whether we want to admit it or not.

Where I come from, gays, “Indians”, black people, were mistreated, raped, insulted, discriminated, and I may have helped on that situation.

Coming to this country, and being a subject of the above changed my thinking. Now I understand we all come in different packages, sizes, colors, and we should strive to make this country as homogenous, diverse as it is going to be no matter what the racists pretend it not to be.


If you truly stand by these words, this is what exactly Trump does !