Why Are We Protecting Illegal Immigrants In This Country?


Read the article.
First, it was published and then updated before Trump ever took office. Second, the Cubans are doing nothing illegal.
Yes, criminals are, always have been and always will be punching bags for politicians. So don’t be a criminal.


^^^^^^^^ I agree with this. Illegal immigrants need to go, and Legal immigrants are perfectly fine. Sounds like we all agree to this.

I do not agree that Trump here is unbiased. The way he cruelly uses stereotypes and caricatures to call out specific cultures like Mexicans, like the Chinese, etc… makes me think that he’s very biased. But this thread isn’t about Trump — let’s remove the T-word from this reasoning.

I think we all agree that we need to stop illegal immigration, right?


Simply, it is government. Govt tries to stop illegal immigration and we all support.

Regarding Bias, everyone will have this. Here is the issue: Trump may sound biased when he talks at political forum/speeches. This is true, no one is 100% right, be it Trump or Obama.

But, He has to act impartial as a government servant, rules, regulations, …etc. At times, when he acts partially, many times our court has blocked his initiatives.

Since humans may act differently, our democratic system has been structured that no one gets supreme power and constitution (and the rights given by it) has the highest priority.


Gotcha. Do you think immigration reform / stopping the flow of illegal immigration would have a better chance of passing if a more polished figurehead from the Republican party with the same goal as Trump were at the helm of the country?

For example, Mitt Romney?


I do not follow most of the politics, but know one thing generally that illegal immigrants will cause an issue, affect this country no matter where they are coming from. You have all info in some facts like this.


I am telling you, I am a “scholar” on these issues. I already said about “equality” for all, no matter where you come from.

Now, go back and Google the changes to the immigration laws in 1996.

What the new changes did was to punish anybody "entering the country WAP, WAD, or shortly, illegally. It would punish anybody with being inelegible to receive any immigration benefits in the future.

So, what part of “entering the US illegally” is not understood here?

And, the surge of illegals coming into the border was called an invasion. Even though, if you read some of the articles on the 8,000 Cubans, people questioned the fact that immigrants violating the immigration laws were rewarded with a green card a year later of their illegal entry. Yes, rewarded with a green card!

“After suffering dehydration, sunburn and exhaustion, after battling sleep-deprived, crazed Cubans on his boat, after five months in a Mexican prison and after marathon bus rides to Mexico City and Matamoros, Harry crosses the Texas border. Today, he lives about 30 miles north of Brownsville. He is a legal resident of the United States, drawing a little less than $500 a month of government money.”

So, tell me, you are good at math, right? $500 a month, that’s $6K a year, times 8,000Cubans, isn’t that $48M a year? We are talking about people whom next day, as any other illegal immigrant does in this country…should get to work so he doesn’t depend on the government’s dole. But not them, not as Vietnamese did in the 70s or 80s. They all got their housing, and monthly stipend all paid for by the taxpayers money.

I rarely speak to a Vietnamese against illegal immigration. They remember them, or their parents came as refugees because of the war in Vietnam. And Central Americans saw civil wars, where only in my ex-country, 200,000-250,000 were killed or disappeared. Did we get a refugee status? No!



You may not like to use that T name, but he is the guy who on the midst of his campaign was bitching about illegals, how they were taking jobs from Americans, but we just found out he was hiring illegals, one of them was washing his undies and setting his bed.

The same guy, the boss of an organization with his last name on it didn’t know about using E-Verify? Hmmm…he knew he was dealing with illegals serving him. Read the story, is trending right now.

Are you kidding me? :scream:

You can’t stop illegal immigration. To do so, you need to close the border permanently. And, you need to start using those bracelets some criminals in parole use. Do you want them to be placed on the tourists ankles coming to this country because that’s where the new “illegals” are coming from, from a country called “American visa”.


Let’s not talk about the methods for right now. Let’s discuss the philosophy. Do you think we should allow for illegal immigration? Or do you think we should prevent illegal immigration?

Ideally speaking, of course.


You “buyinghouse” said “If you came illegally, you should be punished”.

He also does the same !


As the technology advances, some farmers are jumping to use it. They, some of them, no longer need people, cheap labor per se. But those who need cheap labor rely on the hypocrisy of throwing a party for their GOP, and as soon as they leave, they bring their illegals to either keep partying or to clean up the mess. My brother in law working in the valley tells me of such hypocrisy.

He says, they are about 250 in a permanente position, and for the season, they hire 2,500

The clue here is “season”. Where do they come from? Well, Mexico! Or, they are living here as any ordinary “Mexican” going from one state to the other working on the fields.

But again, let me refresh you on the new trend. They are by law, supposed to “E-Verify”. But, now, how do you expect them to obey the rules if the very president never used it? Set an example, and everybody will follow, but what example?


And so did Melania. She overstayed, worked illegally, and then, mysteriously she got a “genius” visa. Nice, right? But, is she a genius? She barely speaks English for Christ’s sake! Showing her naked body isn’t in my book as being a genius, we know what is that, Asians call it “bam, bam”. :smile:

And, they had a chance to arrest me when I voluntarily went to the INS (DHS) building in San Francisco in 1992.

So, who is at fault here?

Now, those were the good times, when we had down to earth, human beings as presidents. They never separated families, they never separated kids from their parents. They never called countries as Vietnam, Haiti, El Salvador, all Central-South America and African countries “shitholes”. Because they were not Norway, right?

Don’t you love those nice names Jil?


I’m just trying to see if we have any common ground that we can build on. I was thinking that both of us agree that illegal immigration must be curtailed, because one of your previous comments stated that you felt that “if you came illegally, you should be punished.”

However, I don’t see any common ground right now. A lot of that is because there are lots of issues that you bring into the mix as well - a distaste of Trump’s style, racial sensitivities, personal insults, etc.

I think if you can find a way to emotionally disengage with some of your positions and lay out your arguments more methodically, you’d find a more willing audience. I wish you the best.


I hate hypocrisy, that’s all. Either you support the immigration laws 100% or not. The laws are already in place. All companies, shops, stores, organizations, yada, yada, yada, were supposed to use E-Verify. Is there anybody enforcing it? No!

There’s something called “attrition”, and E-Verify is one of them instruments. It is not used, and won’t be used until there’s a nationwide implementation and fines for not using it. After that, let’s get the landlords/homeowner renting them units.

So much to do, small sector of the population or businesses willing to follow suit.


All I know is you are unnecessarily focusing on worthless junk matters.

I do not want waste my time on such issues. I stop here on this thread, no more…


Those worthless junk matters being discussed made sure Vietnamese people like you had a chance in this country. And, you know there are Vietnamese people living in this country illegally, don’t you?

Imagine you being called a commie because you came from Vietnam, as Mexicans are called criminals? You could be easily fingered and questioned on “how many Americans you killed over there?”. I worked with a crew of Indians, Mexicans, Vietnamese, Thais, Americans, gays, lesbians, etc.

Guess who was the favorite target of a joke and the poor guy didn’t enjoy it. “Hey xxxxxxx, how many Americans did you kill back there?” The poor guy learned to smile to the stupid joke. One day, he told me he was the only survivor of his entire family being wiped out by a bombing from the US.

But hey! Let’s deport him if he doesn’t have any papers. Right?


All government do that. Otherwise why are you paying income tax?


Pasture on the other side is greener, disappointed? Every system has its flaw :slight_smile: There is no paradise. Any paradise would be immediately exploited and degraded. So the concept of paradise is fantasy. Just adapt and live with whatever dealt to you :slight_smile: or die trying to change it :wink:


The greener pasture aka America is the final destination of millions of people worldwide. I don’t know how you got here, born to parents entering legally or illegally? I don’t care!

What I care is that those who leave everything behind, those who know that a comeback would be death, deserve respect no matter what they do trying to reach the American dream.


It’s pretty illogical to be offended by calling a country a shithole when it’s so unsafe you think people fleeing should be able to claim asylum.


a) The US making its citizens pay taxes is not the same as China preventing its citizens from leaving the country - false equivalence.
b) Depreciation is your friend.